Korean TERA: Review

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I found a pretty old review (4 months) which is interesting to read, but the writer was probably too biased for it to be meaningful.


So he gave it a 9.5, do you guys think it has the potential to be that great when it's released in the US and Europe or will it flop?

I sure hope it will be a good game, it at least looks amazing. But I don't really dig the japanese/korean vibe.. that loli stuff and the weird bunny ears creep me out, I really hope they change that for "us".

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Koreans reviewing Korean game is biased!

jokes aside

I think Tera will do well (not WoW numbers) in EU/US cause there a segment in the MMO audience who loves everything Korean. And bikini armor.

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When will this game be out again?

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The Elin (formerly the Popori) are still in the game, but their clothing and armor have been altered so as not to upset Western tastes (and avoid accusations of virtual-child exploitation).   They retain their animal ears and tails, though.  "Cuteness" has a high priority in Asian cultures, it seems.   If that vibe disturbs you, you should probably wait for Guild Wars 2.  TERA is a Korean game first and even though adjustments have been made for the international audience, En Masse isn't completely redesigning everything from the ground up.  Additionally, take note that many of the female armors are rather revealing, if that offends you.   And, there is noticeable breast physics.
I read on Massively (I think so don't hold me to it) that TERA was the number one game in Korea but soon thereafter dropped off (like many MMOs) due to a lack of consistent updates.  Korean players went back to playing Aion in much the way that Western gamers return to WOW after adventuring into a new MMO for a month or two.   Now, there is supposed to be much more content in the international release, but finding longevity might still be a problem.  We'll see hopefully later this year. 

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@PenguinDust: I'm looking forward to playing TERA, because it's the only MMO with that kind of direct combat. The "cuteness" could be a bit much for my taste, but as long as the gameplay is great I can easily live with it. I care about esthetic looks and revealing some skin is alright, if it is done with style. About the breast physics.. every straight man likes bouncing breasts, but I don't care much for it in games, to be honest.

Yeah, I read something like that, too. Let's hope they release a version with enough content to please people later this year. I also read that it's too easy, but that had to be expected for a skill/aiming based MMO, right?

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@emem:   I'm looking forward to it as well especially for its esthetic qualities.  I'm a bit tired of the WOW look for games and want something a bit less cartoony.  Blade and Soul is another game I am curious to see when it eventually drops.  It's also an action-based MMO from Korea.  Be warned, it too has animal eared child-like characters in it.  Part of that whole "kawaii" mystique that's important over there.  I don't mind it especially since I never play "dwarves" anyway.  I tried a gnome in WOW and lost interest, but that's just my tastes.  Liking 'em big and bouncy probably has something to do with that.  I understand such things can be distracting in games though, but gaming as a whole is a distraction I enjoy.  To each his own as they say.  
I'm fooling around in Forsaken World right now off Steam.  It's a Chinese F2P game and it's very easy.  Almost nothing aggros to you even if the level disparity is 30+.  Boss mobs and "elites" are the only ones who will come after you if you're too close to them and they're few and far between.  Still, for a free game I'm getting enough fun out of it.  There are no animal eared people in the game but the female dwarves are cutesy
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C9 is still the best korean mmo

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I wouldn't mind playing as those small animal creatures wielding a huge ass sword.   

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i think this game looks cool, im getting it.

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