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More Limited Than the Title Implies 3

 Test Drive Unlimited 2 continues the open-world driving experience featured in the original and aims to correct some of the first game's many flaws. For the most part, this beefy sequel does a good job addressing some of those problems but ultimately leaves more to be desired. In may ways TDU2 is better than its predecessor, but at the same time it's just not much of a leap forward and doesn't really stack up against some of the other more recent racing games. This isn't to say that the game is...

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Video Review 1

Hey Everyone, I recently shot a video review for the game.     If you need any sort of text review, let me know and I might write one up, but I think the video should be enough.  -Scott...

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No more than a Test Drive 0

No more than a Test DriveTest Drive Unlimited 2 is a game that looked to make the start of 2011 a brilliant one. We already had LittleBigPlanet 2 and Dead Space 2, but can TDU2 (Test Drive Unlimited 2) deliver the goods?I'll start where the game starts: Every thing is 'hunky dory', your in Ibiza partying in the sun. Your asked which of the six characters you want to play as. All of them are downright ugly so I just chose the first one. Your quickly put into a cut-scene and you'll notice straight...

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The return of TDU 2

 If you liked TDU1, you will love this one. The annoying things are gone. Now, the exploration is linked to discover new races, new shops and new cars. The social thing also gives a lot of prizes. Even photography have its own minigame. Explore abandoned ruins and win an unique car! Do you need more? Now you have TWO BIG islands to explore!!!...

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TDU2: Close but no cigar 0

As the sun sets over the horizon, I can almost feel the smell of gasoline. I grip the steering wheel so hard that the leather makes a cracking sound, then the countdown starts. 3, I look over to my opponent sizing him up and down, he’s no match for me. 2, tunnel vision starts to set in, it’s only myself and the road now. 1, The engines rev up. GO, I floor the gas pedal and off the car flies. Then the first turn approaches, since I have spent a good amount of time already in this car I know when ...

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DOA:X With Cars 0

 It's odd to suggest that a racing game is relaxing, but Test Drive Unlimited 2 continues the original game's concept of being more of laid back cruising game than an actual racer, where you drive exotic cars leisurely around tropical locations. There are races, certainly, but they're not really the game's main draw and you'll likely spend more time exploring the islands in the game than racing against the AI.And the game is better for that, as the races themselves are either frustratingly hard ...

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What is this!?!?!?! 0

    Ok this game is...maby the worst peice of crap since THQ's trucker we have been fooled into buying this game i dont even want to mention all the bugs in the game but there are a large ammount and some are even game breaking, now some of you are like wait a min the 1st game was really good what do you mean this one is bad, well this game is crap it hardly works they tried to make "real life physics" but they nearly all handle like boats with almost no breaks...the "real life" there going for ...

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Broken Trash 0

 I've been looking forward to this game for a while. Where I live, it's quite cold and grey in February and the idea of racing around Ibiza and Hawaii in hot cars with a bunch of other people is very appealing. That I was so excited for this game just makes it all the more disappointing that it's totally broken.  Whenever I launch it I almost immediately get a message that the server is down and it returns me to the title screen. Sometimes it's within seconds, sometimes I get as far as th...

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