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The Crimson King is a Boss character in the Otogi series of games who is tasked more with establishing Raikoh's motivations and beliefs than acting as a true obsticle. Additionally he is unlike the rest of the bosses in the story he acts of his own accord attempting to collect the essences hoping to break the curse placed upon him and restore the entirety of his free will. His signature weapon is a large black club that he wields seemingly effortless.


The first time The Crimson King makes his presence known to Raikoh is in the "Palace of Gold," appearing only after a large amount of gold essence is obtained, he attacks Raikoh but after a few quick hits he retreats. The next time Raikoh finds himself face to face with the demon its under "A Chilled Moon" where The Crimson King attempts to steal the collected essences in an effort to restore his entire free will. 
In Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors  he can only be seen on the last challenge mission where he confronts Raikoh to get revenge for taking his horn. When seeing Raikoh taking orders again The Crimson King challenges Raikoh on the ability to act of his own  free will,  presumably attempting to release him from this perceived bondage. It is through this fight however that The Crimson king does realize Raikoh is not without his own free will and decides continuing the battle would be pointless. He leaves promising to meet Raikoh again someday.  

Fun Facts

  • He ironically acts independently trying to restore his free will which in itself proves his own free will. It takes his defeat at Raikoh's hands to realize that.
  • He looks down on Raikoh for taking orders and on many accounts and on many accounts refers to him as a puppet.
  • He is just a agile as Raikoh and can jump many times higher as well although cannot air dash.
  • He loses his horn to Raikoh in the first game and is attached to Raikoh's Armor before the start of the second game.
  • He only appears in missions under a full moon.
  • His defense is unbreakable and his only way to damage him is an attack from behind.

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