Any chance of a digital re-release?

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Sorry if this is a stupid question. I own a PS3, not a 360, so if this is already available on Xbox live then forgive me for being ignorant. My question is can or will this be re-released (in HD perhaps??) on a Sony console, or is it legally tied to Microsoft?

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According to Wikipedia, it's pretty glitchy, compatibility-wise, so there's little chance of it happening on the 360.

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If morrowind was ever put on a current generation console, it would be so different from the original game it wouldn't be worth playing, it's old, its meant for PC and it's been improved upon by many other games.

Edit: it was on Xbox? Well i'll be... I didn"t know that, nifty.

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I'd look into getting on Steam. It's old enough that literally any computer can run it. I had no problem back in 2003 with my 2.6 Ghz Pentium 4, 256MBs of ram and onboard graphics. Yep.

Also that game is basically unplayable without mods these days.

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@WMoyer83: Do you not have a pc?

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As has been said, Steam will contain the answers you seek.

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I'd say there's about zero chance in hell of Bethesda re-releasing the game on any console platform.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I love the game but it's far to old, clunky and (most importantly) text driven for Bethesda to port it and expect to make any money.

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Morrowind is not unlike other titles of its time like Planescape Torment or even Baldurs Gate. It is dated but still a lot of fun. When I compare it to isometric games I only do so because they were the top dog until Morrowind came out in CRPG land. If you want to see more check out Gixg17 on Youtube. He does a very extensive lets play. He has something like 150 videos and still going.

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