So now that New Vegas is out, let's talk Elder Scrolls V

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So yeah, I'm a big fan of Bethesda RPGs in all of their forms. However, their RPG that originally captivated me was The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Now, we have had two games in the Fallout universe released since the last Elder Scrolls game came out, and I think it is due time for the Elder Scrolls to receive an update. Bethesda has been speaking in vague details of the game that they have been working on since they finished Fallout 3. Myself and many other people I'm sure hope this to be this next Elder Scrolls.
My question for you guys is what do you want to see out of the Elder Scrolls V?
Personally, although I know this is unlikely, I would like it if they did not feel the need to make all of the dialogue voice acted this time. This was a severe limiting factor on the dialogue trees in Oblivion, making them far more simple than the ones in Morrowind. Although I'm not sure how it would be received in this day and age, but I would like it if only dialogue pertaining to the main quest and possibly the more significant side quests was voiced. That way, there would be very little limits on the wealth of information and dialogue paths in the game.

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I hope there's more variety in the environments.

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I want a new engine for Elder Scrolls V and decent dialogue and story. Bioware can do it, why can't Bethesda? Oblivion's story was horrible and the voice acting was very bad. Oh, and they should make it more advanced, Oblivion felt so dumbed down compared to Morrowind
Edit: FancysSoapsMan has a good point too. Cyrodiil was so bland and boring, it also felt small compared to Vvardenfell in Morrowind.
The next Elder Scrolls should be in Elsweyr, the Khajiit's homeland IMO.

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If their new secret game isn't ESV, they're either going to lose a chunk of their fan base, or get attacked by a mob, possibly armed with swords, could be both

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Let's hope it looks, you know, like modern graphics. And not as buggy. But I'd get in on that, if it was decent.

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New engine for sure. 
And more Dark Brotherhood quests, that was the best part of the game.

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I'm playing Oblivion right now (well, 10 minutes ago at least) and if there is one thing I'd really like it's for more voice types and greater variety among the responses even on the same subject.  I swear, you ask one person about a rumor or a quest character and you get a dozen people telling you the same exact thing...word for word.  After a bit it gets a bit creepy.  And I know I could stop asking, but then there are those scant few who talk about something else that you might have missed otherwise.
The second thing they need to add is the companion system that was implemented into Fallout 3 & F:NV.  The Oblivion community created a mod which works and it's great.  Sometimes I go solo and sometimes I grab a cute elven fighter and have her tag along with me on a mission.  But, it is limited by the resources of the community (as awesome as they are) and so there isn't any voices for them (well, mostly not) and I'd like to hear them chat it up like your companions did in Dragon Age: Origins.  I'd accept a smaller game if it was a more uniquely crafted world.

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Yeah I really don't think they can get away with not voicing everything, but they are a lot better off as a company now so In think they can invest in having extensive dialogue trees, fully voiced, by halfway decent actors, and you know at least 4 character models.

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More variety in the environments.

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I hope they really look at the combat mechanics. The way your sword just flails about with little sense of impact just won't cut it. In a perfect world the combat would be more like Demon's souls. Another idea which I'm sure would not be popular and probably not possible for a game of this scope, but I'd love to have motion controls like the sword fighting in Sports Champion. Only other thing would be to fix the level scaling, at least put ceilings for the scaling in certain areas.

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Well first off, new engine.  So the game will officially be titled The Elder Scrolls V: RAGE!!!! 
I think it will be interesting to see what their take on the story is since pretty much the line of emperors has been wasted in Oblivion.  Seemed like they were going all out, well not really, with Oblivion in terms of main story.  I think though it would be sweet if they took the approach that Dragon Age did and give you a small backstory for your character. 

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What do I want out of a new Elder Scrolls game? For it to be QC'd to hell so its not a mess of bugs making the damn thing nigh unplayable FUCK YOU OBSIDIAN/BETHESDA!!!!!!!

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Well listening to the Bombcast this week gave me a new idea. What if they incorporated VATS into Elder Scrolls? I'm pretty sure that no one enjoyed the combat in Oblivion, and while I enjoyed the dice roll combat that was in Morrowind, I think a lot of people would like a different style of implementation for that stuff.

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They need to take it way back before any of the games happened.  I want the subtitle for Elder Scrolls 5 to be "Ayleid Golden Age"

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I thought they said somewhere along the line that it was going to be Skyrim?  Or maybe that was just speculation.  Sounds good to me. 

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I want a new combat system. Spells, stats, leveling of you and the enemies around you, enchantments, how all skills including crafting, speechcraft, thievery, feels like it all needs a complete overhaul.

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Hey, let's at least wait for New Vegas to be released worldwide.
But yes, early book blurbs, plus website and marketing trademarks point to Skyrim being the next location, which is fine with me.  I liked the mountainy regions a lot in Oblivion especially the town of Bruma, which just felt very homey.  Assuming the game is more like Morrowind and not even more dumbed down, I'll definitely be onboard for this one.  Rumour over on the fansites, from people reliable sources who were speaking to Bethesda employee's definitely suggests that the game accounement is coming VERY soon.  They were just waiting for New Vegas to be released.

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@Aronman789 said:

" If their new secret game isn't ESV, they're either going to lose a chunk of their fan base, or get attacked by a mob, possibly armed with swords, could be both "

Unless of course, their next game is really good.  
I just want a fucking kick ass, crazy huge game. As long as it's awesome I'm down. Of course Bethesda did not make New Vegas, so they've had some time to do some work. 
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What I want out of The Elder Scrolls V... 
1. Better dialogue with a greater variety of voice actors.  
2. Smoother animation. 
3. More interesting location. Not only was Cyrodill generic as hell, but they also went against their own lore. 
4. Not as dumbed down as Oblivion. Which covers a wide range of issues I had with the game.

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@Soapy86 said:
" What I want out of The Elder Scrolls V... 
1. Better dialogue with more than two voice actors. "
Fixed that for you  :) 

I also have to raise a question about their level animation.  It seems to be a problem that plagues a lot of Western games, but the animation is truely some of the worst I've ever seen.  I know multimedia college students who can produce better work than Bethesda, I really cannot understand how the animators they have are keeping their jobs and why they can't simply hire some new talent.  Adding daily routines to NPC's really made the world more alive.. So hopefully with Skyrim we can have a world doesn't feel like it's just populated by robots.
And again.. I don't like how often the phrase "dumbed down" is thrown around but it's really the only way to describe Oblivion.  It was horribly limited for a series that has always been about freedom and a huge disappointment after Morrowind.
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Make it like Morrowind. 
Make it less buggy. 
Make it before I'm 87 years old. 
Happy camper.

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@WinterSnowblind said:
 I don't like how often the phrase "dumbed down" is thrown around but it's really the only way to describe Oblivion.  It was horribly limited for a series that has always been about freedom and a huge disappointment after Morrowind. "
I totally agree. It's extremely rare for me to call a game dumbed down. I'm definitely not opposed to changing things up or removing things from a game if it makes it better, but with Oblivion Bethesda really gutted the series of what made it special. 
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  1. Borrow Obisidian's writers and come up with a decent main storyline. 
  2. Set it somewhere more exotic.  Give it a Persian flavour or something.
  3. Make the level & equipment scaling less obnoxious.
  4. Combat needs to be deeper and more involved.  Not punishing necessarily, just more to it.  Kinda Arkham Asylumish with more advanced moves/spells/whatever requiring different stats to be able to execute.
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no more gamebryo engine!

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More variety 
Fix levelling system 
Bring back the Levitation spells. 
Different voice actors.  

defintely maintain that all lines are spoken. Morrowind is deathly boring from the lack of voice acting. 
That is all. Didn't Obisdian do NV? So maybe Bethesda have been at work. I heard talks of an MMO though. Also, Demon's Forge is done by Bethesda correct? Nvm, its published by them.

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Wow there sure is a lot of talk about Elder Scrolls the past few days.  I for one would love to see a new Elder Scrolls.  I enjoyed both Morrowind and Oblivion.  If they do make another one, I want them to do it right and fix a lot of issues before it hits store shelves.

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Ok fuck it let's do this.
1:Not having the same damn cave/dungeon for everything. 
2:Bring back basically everything from Morrowind, minus having to walk everywhere. Unless they implement a good transportation service, like the bus system in Farcry 2 but alot more spots to catch it from. 
3:Less dialogue, only have dialogue for the main quest characters, and for when you are in a town or city and people are conversing among themselves. That would give the game a lively feel without limiting dialogue options when it comes to conversations. 
4:Improved combat system. While Oblivion had a pretty good combat system, it would have been nice if you had more than one attack, and if casting different spells wouldn't be so damn complicated. 
5:Bigger world obviously, with more varied environments. They could have areas or zones be completely different. You could have a grassy plain area, a dense foresty area, and a high altitude, snowy mountain zone,with different types of creatures and people, as well as buildings and towns. I'm not saying theat there should be a desert zone right next to a grassy plain or anything, but some more variety would be nice. 
6:Have more stats and ways to customize your character in terms of gameplay. This come back to bringing more back from Morrowind. 
7:As Soapy said, smoother animation
8: More types of weapons, eg crossbows, spears, halberds. 
9:A few quests that involve large battles between multiple factions. There could be like siege equipment perhaps, but it's not necessary.
10:Horses that aren't slow as shit. 
11:New engine of course.
12:More interesting indoors, especially in large buildings like castles. 
13: Random events in the wilderness, much like those in Red Dead Redemption. 
14:More quests about illegal narcotics
15:And if possible, the ability to sever limbs and heads. Again not necessary but it would be fun. 
16:The option to buy property/manage a town, much like Fable II or Assassins Creed II.
17:Robbing a store of it's entire inventory, not just what is on the counters. 
18: Better stealth system, akin to Thief:Deadly Shadows. Not necessary but again it would be cool. 
19:Owning a ship, and perhaps traveling to other landmasses.It could be like Shivering Isles, where you could go to another area, with completely different quests, and a whole new look and feel.
EDIT: 20) Not being to able to hit a guy in the face with a broadsword and having him come up to me unharmed and say "Hello citizen!" Basically better AI cause holy crap it's bad in Oblivion, and to a lesser extent Fallout 3/NV.

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Zenimax have sunk millions into MMO R&D, the next Elder Scrolls game will be an MMO.

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I really hope we'll get an announcement for a new ELDER SCROLLS game soon. 
OBLIVION was, literally, the reason I bought a 360 in the first place. And I sunk hundreds of hours into that game.  And now that I have a kick-ass PC I desperately want a new ES game to play.
So get with it, Bethesda... Sheesh!

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