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Not quite an offer you can't refuse 0

The Godfather: the Game is based on the 1972 cinematic masterpiece directed by Francis Ford Coppola, which is based on the classic novel by Mario Puzo. The world of the film is convincingly recreated here, with cities and people taken straight from its setting. Some of the cutscenes even feature the original actors (James Caan and Robert Duvall reprise their roles as Sonny and Tom). Most of the characters are well-done, but the developers absolutely massacred the translation of Michael Corleone...

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Good sandbox game if you haven't tried it! 0

My latest rental is The Godfather, was the only sandbox game that I haven’t played and for some reason at my local video store it was always rented. I have to say after playing it a bit I really enjoyed it and understand why it has been out so much. It plays just like a older GTA game and you play as someone making his way up the family ladder to finally become the don. What I enjoyed the most was the extorting of local business’s and slapping around the shop owners trying to figure out what wor...

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The Best GTA Clone Out There 0

     The Godfather (the video game) is a GTA inspired sandbox type game that pits you in the mob era and lets you play out the story in the movie. Like the movie, the game takes place in New York City. The city itself is split into 5 areas: Little Italy, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Hell’s Kitchen, and Midtown. Each of the said areas are controlled by a rival family, with your family the Corleones, controlling Little Italy. The campaign of the game will lead you through the movie’s plot as this kind of...

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A little clunky, but overall a pretty good game. 0

I haven't seen the movies, so I cannot comment on whether it does the films justice or is faithful to them in anyway. Though this game has inspired me to look into them. The game itself though, is a very fun game in its own right. Sure, it's a GTA clone. But it's a good clone. And in someways better then GTA. Like the extortion system. Throughout the game you'll have to extort various buisnesses for profit. And this is just a blast. The shop keepers are susceptible to different ways of extorti...

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