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Saw this on an IGN blog, and was curious as to other peoples' opinions.  Rank the temples from the best to the least best (I say "least best" because, c'mon, there are no bad temples in this game :)

I am interested to see why you rank a temple where it is, so if you would indulge me and maybe put a sentence or two as stating your opinions?

One last thing, I was say this is more about the temples themselves and not so much the boss fights (I'm going to have another post ranking them).  Definitely they should be considered, but they shouldn't be the only factor.

The Temples (in-game order):
Forest Temple
Goron Mines
Lakebed Temple
Arbiter’s Grounds
Snowpeak Ruins
Temple of Time
City in the Sky
Palace of Twilight
Hyrule Castle

(I'll post my rankings after a few others have shared their opinions)

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Here are mine:

  • Goron Mines
  • City in the Sky
  • Lakebed Temple
  • Snowpeak Ruins
  • Palace of Twilight
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Arbiter Grounds
  • Temple Of time
  • Forest Temble

I did not enjoy the Temple of Time and the Forest temple, but the most fun i had was with the Goron Mines and City in the Sky, they were awesome and the battle against the dragon (while easy) was pretty epic

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