The Mock Turtle

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    The Mock Turtle from alice in wonderland. He appears in American McGee's Alice and guides you through the underwater levels.

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    Mock Turtle is a character from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He appears as a turtle with the head of a cow. The character is a pun on the soup known as "mock turtle soup" in which pieces of cow meat that are often not used for cooking are used in a soup in an imitation of turtle meat.

    Alice: Madness Returns

    The Mock Turtle appears in the second chapter during the areas Tundraful and Deluded Depths.

    Having been displaced of his position as the conductor of the Looking Glass Line train, the Mock Turtle now captains a ship in a bottle. When Alice first arrives in the Tundra she heads towards the ship in the bottle to question Mock Turtle about the leviathan train that is systematically destroying Wonderland. Unfortunately when Alice arrives on the ship, giant woodwork sharks follow her and attack. Mock Turtle has no choice but to submerge into the ocean to escape. While they are able to escape for a while, they are eventually hit by a cannon and wind up crashing at the ocean floor. Mock Turtle is last seen sobbing over the remains of his ship.


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