Will I be Lost?

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#1 Posted by lilarchie232 (746 posts) -

I was thinking of buying this game but, I never played the original Half Life.  So will I be lost in Half Life 2?

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#2 Posted by Demyx (3247 posts) -

No, you won't.
You can always look up a plot synopsis if you have to.

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#3 Posted by lilarchie232 (746 posts) -

Thanks I was going to look into it a little i just wanted to make sure it wasn't super deep.

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#4 Posted by smack (28 posts) -

I'm currently playing through orange box and I never played the first Half Life, I think it all makes sense.

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#5 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

You don't need to play HL1 to enjoy HL2 at all...and it will make enough sense for newcomers to the series.

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#6 Posted by YuXing (72 posts) -

Coming from the exact situation as you, i juz read the dstory background on wikipedia and jumped straight into half life 2 and the episodes.
I found it enjoyable and totally not feeling that i was left out due to the fact that i missed the last game.
Or you can go buy the original half life now, i bet they are dirt cheap now.

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#7 Posted by calf_exercises (880 posts) -

Narr, you could probly skip HL2 and go straight to EP2 and it would probly still make sence.
But you dont need to know anythin about the original to enjoy it. I never played the first and HL2 is still one of my most favourite games of all time.

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#8 Posted by natetodamax (19462 posts) -

I've never played it and I'm still playing this game. It's not confusing at all.

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#9 Posted by Omega (891 posts) -

As a person who played the first game I can tell you that its much less jarring to play Half-Life 2 if you haven't played HL1.

It may seem strange but, for me at least, going to HL2 from HL1 I was very confused for a little while. I made false assumptions about the combine, didn't understand why the vortigaunt are human friendly now etc.

HL2 kind of turns all you know from HL1 on its head, so aside from not getting some references, in jokes, and returning characters you'll be fine.

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#10 Edited by TripMasterMunky (2527 posts) -

Is HL1 still worth picking up and playing? Or has HL2 made it sort of irrelevant? And I suppose I should mention I'm referring to if the PS2 version is worth finding and picking up.

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#11 Posted by MattyFTM (14804 posts) -
TripMasterMunky said:
"Is HL1 still worth picking up and playing? Or has HL2 made it sort of irrelevant?"
HL1 is still a great game, definitely get it.
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#12 Posted by HazBazz (1924 posts) -

I never played HL1 before playing the Orange Box, and all the HL2 games made perfect sense and were really fun

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#13 Posted by LordAndrew (14601 posts) -

Regardless, you should really play Half-Life 1 anyway. 'Tis good.

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