This darn game FINALLY comes out tomorrow for the 360!

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#1 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (6304 posts) -

I've been waiting so long, and it's finally here. I love Pinball FX2, but I'm tired of their super hero tables, and increasingly unrealistic table design. The Williams Pinball Collection was a fantastic game, and it's going to be wonderful to play on some new tables.

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#2 Posted by Cincaid (3053 posts) -

@SpaceInsomniac: I'm quite interested in this new pinball game as well, even if I'm still really enjoying Pinball FX2.

Anyone got any word of this game's quality, is it worth the space bucks?

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The Android version is AMAZING.  Great ball physics, jarringly accurate tables and proper sampled sounds.  I can't see how the console and PC releases could possibly be any worse. :)

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Very fun though it'd be good to have a few more camera options (similar to pinball fx2). Theater of Magic is the one I'd love to see more of but the camera seems to only be good at a full table view, curious to see more of this game putting out more tables as they got the 4 tables that are out now done quite well. 800 space microsoft points/bucks for this btw for the core set (Black Hole, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Arabian Nights & Theater of Magic). I hope that Gorgar (one of the others from the Williams collection they did, shows up here as that one was so wonderfully fitting in that 1970s way of drive in horror plus the table was fun to play more of it.

Now if we can just get Pinball Arcade to have the multiplayer features from Pinball Fx2 (or Game Room) it'd be well worth the price.

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#5 Posted by SkullcrusherMountain (1064 posts) -

@Cincaid: If you like the pinballs, this is absolutely worth the Microsoft space bucks. I have the Williams collection, and therefore already have the Arabian Nights (or whatever it is) table, but the other two are great. I cannot WAIT for more tables. I hope, though doubt, they'll release the Family Guy table. It's one of my favorites.

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#6 Posted by mrcraggle (3034 posts) -

I was actually wondering if the GB crew knew about this game as most of them like pinball but dislike Pinball FX 2's ball physics. I played the trial of this today and they felt really great and all the tables felt very unique.

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#7 Posted by Robo (896 posts) -

Picked it up on XBox 360. It's pretty good. It's straight up pinball. The presentation is good, albeit simple, and the physics feel solid and smooth aside from occasional odd hitching when multiball first starts up.

You get the standard starting 4 tables - 3 good ones and Black Hole...heh. I look forward to seeing other tables rolled out.

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