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The Sims 3 Seasons expansion pack adds seasons along with weather effects to the world of The Sims 3. Players can go bobbing for apples, snowboarding, and swim in the ocean. The game also includes new seasonal specific events like a spring fling, and a fall festival. With seasons, there is a new lot designed as a 'Central Square' for each world designed for seasonal festivals. Each season brings new festivals with different festival items. However, there is no new world included with Seasons.


A Gnome For Every SeasonCollect all four seasonal gnomesPlatinum
Alien Tech ExpertHave your Sim use the UFO to abduct someone, invade a lot, and travel to spaceGold
Bottomless StomachHave your Sim win both the Hot Dog and Pie Eating contests.Silver
Bronzed!Have your Sim keep a tan for 3 Days in a rowBronze
Cannonball!Have your Sim do a cannonball off a diving boardBronze
Egg-cellent CollectorHave your Sim find a Festival Egg in an Egg HuntBronze
Fair SkinnedHave your Sim get SunburnedBronze
Festival ChampHave your Sim win an apple bobbing contest and a game of horseshoesSilver
Festival FanaticHave your Sim attend the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter FestivalsSilver
Festival FunHave your Sim enter a Haunted House, get face painted, and eat a snow coneBronze
Festive PlannerHave your Sim throw a Pool Party, Costume Party, Feast Party, and a Gift Giving PartySilver
Flower PowerHave your Sim collect a wildflowerBronze
Happy Holidays!Have your Sim get a greeting card picture taken and post it onlineBronze
Harsh WeatherHave a Sim freeze to death and another die from heat or fireGold
Kaboom!Have your Sim set off a FireworkBronze
Love & DedicationHave your Sim celebrate a wedding anniversarySilver
Nice Arm!Have your Sim win a water balloon fight and a snowball fightSilver
Playing With NatureHave your Sim use Dr. F's Climatron Control Unit to alter the weatherGold
Prettiest Sim At The DanceHave your Sim attend a Spring Dance and become Spring King or QueenSilver
Prize WinnerHave your Sim collect and cash-in some festival ticketsBronze
Savvy BuilderPlace a blueprint using Blueprint ModeBronze
Seasonal WooHooHave your Sim WooHoo in a leaf pile and an iglooSilver
Slacker!Have your Sim call in sickBronze
Smoocher!Have your Sim kiss under a mistletoeBronze
Snow SculptorHave your Sim make an igloo, a snowman, and a snow angelBronze
Spooky Day ShenanigansHave your Sim smash a pumpkinBronze
Spooky SculptorHave your Sim carve a pumpkinBronze
Star-Crossed LoversHave your Sim meet an alien, WooHoo with the alien, and have an alien baby.Gold
Sun WorshipperHave your Sim get a sun tanBronze
The Language Of LoveHave your Sim send and receive a Love letterBronze
Thirds? Fourths?Have your Sim get "Stuff" at a Feast PartyBronze
Trick or TreatHave your Sim Trick or Treat at a houseBronze
Winter ShminterHave your Sim throw a pool party, swim in the ocean and barbeque while snow is on the ground in the winter.Silver

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