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A Downgraded version of Sims 3 2

Well, after playing Sims 3 and seeing how much you could do, having wide variety of characters with the ability of shaping them in many different ways, having them learn a lot of new skills, achieveing life goals, creating generations, and perhaps houses, shaping from the tiniest baby to the largest house, I expected Sims Medieval to add the element of quests and experience in addition to all that. Sadly, I was wrong. After going through the first number of missions I discovered how repetitive t...

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Sims Go Medieval 0

I guess It is time to preface this review by admitting some embarrassing truth about my gaming history. My first experience with the Sims series had been but for a few hours' foray into the game that started it all, the one made when Will Wright twirled his magic moustache and sold his soul to the devil. But the premise of being a poking voyeur to the daily trials of little computer people intrigued me, enough not to hand over the scrapings of a month long lunch allowance to Half-Life at the t...

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