Maybe it's about that time for The Suffering: Ties That Bind remaster?

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Just recently I've found myself wondering if I'm the only one picturing a remaster of Ties That Bind? Seriously, that game was loads of fun and I'm thinking that a remake of it would definitely be appreciated by a lot of people, even by those who have no clue what game it is.

Idk of any other horror 1st/3rd person shooter game that did better than that tbh and IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE. I think that game successfully scared the shit out of a lot of people and that's what made it so good! I'm not so informed on the horror game community so maybe I'm skipping through a whole bunch, but I haven't heard of a game that was meant to terrorize tf outta you no matter what time of day you played it. All why having the same mechanics we're all so used to. Like the Resident Evil games are cool and all but personally, the play style of some of them is kind of wasteful in a sense or sometimes even distracting??

Like I remember playing that game and constantly checking my battery life cuz I was so scared it would go off in the dark, or walking slowly to try and anticipate the random ass apparitions Torque would have lmao but it was all so exciting! Who didn't love spraying and praying on that Tommy Gun?! If you found yourself with a ton of ammo for that gun and-what was it the mp40 or something- you'd plow through those monsters like it was nothin.

Idk I miss that game and I know I would love and SURE AS HELL buy a remastered copy of it. Imagine an improved plot, better graphics, more missions, more monsters, different weapons! I seriously think this game would make a fat comeback with today's gaming community and next gen consoles. It doesn't even have to be the same game. Same exact idea, just improved upon!

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