Quick question before i break something (chapter 2 spoilers)

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#1 Posted by Rhaknar (6300 posts) -

where the fuck is Iorveth in the dwarf village (chapter 2), i cant find the fucker anywhere and i need to talk to him for a side quest (With Flickering Heart), the map marker isnt helping so I dunno where to look, kinda getting pissed off now... thanks in advance for the replies

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#2 Posted by Rhaknar (6300 posts) -

cant find him, right outside the door where the map marker is (which is northwest like you said) and nothing, nothing outside, nothing inside, shit like this really turns me off games tbh, which is a shame because i was loving the game

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#3 Posted by Rhaknar (6300 posts) -

i saved, reloaded the same save and he imediatly showed up inside the house... yay for bugs o/ thanks anyway dude

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#4 Posted by Evilv6 (16 posts) -

So the same just happened to me, however, I tried the save and load trick but Iorveth is still not showing up. This glitch really sucks because this has been one of the best if not the best sidequest in the game so far imo.

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