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The Woodleys Summer Sports is a small collection of mini-games where you compete against the clock or against your own high score.



In this mode, you move from through each event, performing your best to get graded at the end of all of the events. There are no CPU opponents. It is just to try and get the best award at the end of the tournament.


In this mode, you are allowed to select any event you want and you are able to try them over and over again. This mode is strictly for practice.


In this mode, you are given three options:  Athletics, Technique, and Coordination. It plays just like tournament mode except you only do the events that are part of whichever category you choose.



Running – In the running event you are given a test of stylus speed. Your character is shown on the top screen and on the bottom screen, there are two foot prints. The event itself requires you to tap the foot prints alternately as fast as you can. The faster you tap, the faster your character will run. You are racing against the clock.

Rocklin Jump – In the Rocklin Jump event you are given a test of hand-eye coordination. Similar to the running event, your character is shown on the top screen. However, here you also see a little bit ahead of your character and characters called Rocklin are placed along the track. They are in three different poses:  Standing, Squatting, and two Rocklin leaning into each other, creating an archway.

Each pose has a shape associated with it. You must draw this shape on the bottom screen before you reach the Rocklin to bypass it. The shapes are:  a loop, a downward facing semi-circle, and a less-than sign. The loop causes your character to run around the standing Rocklin, the semi-circle causes your character to jump over the squatting Rocklin, and the less-than symbol causes your character to slide under the archway the two leaning Rocklin create. If you draw the wrong symbol, or take too long, you will stop before you reach the Rocklin and will start after the Rocklin you missed. You are trying to get the fastest time in this event.

Discus Throw – In the Discus Throw event you are tested for hand speed and precision. Your character is shown on top screen, holding a discus. On the bottom screen you see a group of colored circles, similar to a target. There are two parts to this event. The first is you drawing a circle around the screen as fast as you can to build up power. The second is tapping the center of the circles at the right time to complete your throw. You do not have to worry about the angle of your throw or anything – just the power of your throw, and your timing when you press the button inside the circles.


Archery – In Archery, you angle your shot and decide how much you pull back on the bowstring to try and hit targets down range. You are given ten arrows and you must try and hit as many targets as you can with those arrows. The targets themselves are tied around a Rocklin’s neck and they turn around every few seconds to make it a little more difficult. If your arrow arrives at the target while the Rocklin is turned around backwards, it will be counted as a miss. In this event, you get gold, silver, or a miss, depending on where you shot hits the target.

Long Jump – This event is the most unique of them all, yet it is not unique among all DS games. Your character is standing on a cliff, holding a daisy in his or her hands like a parachute. The object of this event is to float as far as you can before you hit the ground. To do this, you are required to blow into the microphone of the DS. You can’t just blow as hard as you can though or the petals will fall of off the flower. Each time you blow, a number of petals come off, depending on how hard you blow. If all of the petals come off before you hit the ground, your score will not count.

Leaf Jump – What would an Olympics type mini-game collection without a diving event? This one is exactly like the Turtle Gymnastics event except you are diving into a pool of water off of a leaf instead of doing gymnastics on top of a couple of turtles. The shapes are bit more complicated but other than that, they are exactly the same.


Bloom Bash – The Bloom Bash event is a basic memory test. Depending on the mode you are in, you are shown a group of three or five flowers on the bottom screen. Your character stands on the top screen, ready to hit the flowers you tell him or her to hit by tapping the right option on the bottom screen. In the first round one of the flowers will light up, and you must tap the one that lights up to make your character hit it. There are ten rounds in this event and each round gets progressively more difficult, adding another flower to tap as well as speeding up the sequence. You are given one point for each round you complete and then it multiplies by two if you are in tournament mode.

Turtle Gymnastics – In the Turtle Gymnastics event you must draw various shapes and symbols in a timely manner to cause your character to do gymnastics moves. Your character is shown on the top screen, standing on a pair of turtles. As the event goes along, a turtle slowly swims across the bottom screen, and then rotates onto its side, showing the symbol you must draw as quickly and precisely as possible. After you draw the symbol, the turtle swims off screen and your character performs his or her move. While the character does this, a score (1 to 10 scale) for that specific move is shown above your character. After doing this five times, you are given a core which is an average of the individual scores for each move performed.

Leaf Jump – (Read above)

Character customization

When you first create your game save, you create your character. You can pick different colors of wood (skin tone), hairstyles, hair colors, and clothing colors.


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