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Stylish, Upbeat, Fun 0

The cast.I heard a lot about The World Ends With You when it was called It's A Wonderful World. After reading several articles, my interest was piqued. While my brain could still not comprehend the insane dual screen battles by just reading articles, I knew I had to get my hands on this. Well, I finally did, and it has gone beyond and above my expectations. The World Ends With You is definitely one of the best games on the Nintendo DS; its music, style, gameplay, and story all draw you into the ...

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A breath of fresh air in every sense. 0

The World Ends With You is an incredible game. It is in fact the best JRPG in a long, long, long time. The World Ends With You is a fantastic RPG because it manages to deliver a catchy soundtrack, beautiful visuals, masterfully stylish presentation, fresh combat and an incredible story.The World Ends With You puts you in control of Neku, an emo kid that follows many emo philosophies. He is suddenly cast into a game where he must complete a challenge given to him. The story follows along giving y...

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Full circle 2

Square Enix has been making RPGs for pretty much ever, and the whole spiky-haired, teen angst phenomenon is most likely their fault. Needless to say, the whole thing has been overplayed, and in many situations just feels wrong or unnecessary. Fortunately, The World Ends With You is here to set the record straight, and show us that the "teen angst" vibe doesn't need to be a narrative cop out. Square Enix has finally brought their own story-telling mechanics full circle, and the result is a game t...

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WEWY is a fresh, gripping, and fun RPG for the DS 0

Imagine you've just woken up in the middle of the street of a busy city. You can't remember anything at all, and nobody can see or feel you. It's as if you don't exist. Then, out of nowhere, a girl forcefully asks you to 'form a pact' with her so you won't get 'erased' by the 'noise.' Not knowing what the heck is going on, you just kind of go along with it, because you learn that you are dead… but you have been given the opportunity to earn a second chance at life.That's the premise of The World...

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An Interesting, must-have RPG. 0

Let's face it: Every RPG we have played doesn't get as intruiging as The World Ends With You. As I was playing this, I found it to be a fresh game that didn't follow traditional RPG's and the compelling story just pulled me in. The World Ends With You is about a kid name Neku who doesn't seem to "Get" people and pushes them away. He also seems to like graffiti in Shibuya. One day, he ends up waking up in Shibuya, or at least what seems to be a normal day at the Scramble Crossing. Soon, you find ...

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Arguably the greatest original DS game 0

The Nintendo DS has a great line up of really well done RPGs. Some are original, some are remakes while others are ports. However The World Ends With You (TWEWY) is quite possibly the greatest original RPG on the Nintendo DS, I would go as far it can only be rivalled with Radiant Historia. With that being said; if you haven't played Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger on SNES or PS1, I advice picking them up before TWEWY. - GAMEPLAY -The gameplay in TWEWY is unique and very well done and polish...

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The World Ends With You Review 0

This is most likely the only reason I haven't sold my DS, The World Ends With You follows the story of this super cool emo kid Neku, who is dragged into "The Reaper Game" where he must complete a new mission each day or face being erased, he is assisted by Shiki (and that's all I can say without spoiling it.)The gameplay is every different and new, it takes full advantage of the DS's two screens and it's very difficult to explain. If you kill an enemy, that same enemy dies on your partner's scre...

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Unique, Stylish, and Engaging 0

Just when everyone keeps complaining that all Square-Enix does is reiterate on its Final Fantasy franchise, along comes an absolute gem called The World Ends With You. Though it is oddly titled, it is very fitting for an offbeat game like this. With strong production values, great presentation, and the kind of great warped storytelling Square is known for, TWEWY delivers.The game is set in Shibuya, the trendy nightlife district of Tokyo. This is the popular hangout spot for Tokyo's teenage crowd...

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The World Ends With You: Does it really? 0

Back in 2008, Square Enix released a game for the Nintendo DS that really made an impact on the world of handheld gaming. With help from Jupiter, Square created a masterpiece of video gaming history, and set a high bar for any other game that would appear on the DS. With third party titles ranging from My Little Pony, to Art Academy, 'The World Ends With You' gave players a taste of real, innovative gaming, on such a large scale that it has been hard for any game to match up to its innovation a...

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"Let's play a game...." 0

 WEWY, as the instruction manual likes to call it, isn't your typical Nintendo DS JRPG. It has many of the usual JRPG trappings such as gaining levels and buying items, but also sports a very unique combat system, an original story, and excellent style.The only thing to be aware of before buying it is that it can be hard to find in some areas. I only managed to find one used copy (no new copies) after having looked in six stores. Hopefully you don't have the same difficulty if this game is up yo...

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Put your head between your knees and CRY as the world ends 3

The World Ends With You : A Japanese Role-Playing Game where fashion-aficionados battle supernatural demons in a fight for their unappreciated lives. Story : Neku is a world-loathing lonely boy who, despite presumably having rich parents based on his attire, hates the world, himself and the general idea of being alive. One day he finds the world littered with demons and himself unable to communicate to most actual people, and has seven days to accomplish a series of tasks laid out for him by som...

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Will you be erased? 0

It's not often that we get an original RPG these days. Pick one up, and chances you're either dealing with swords, castles, armies, magic, and summoning, or lasers, space, galactic travel, and aliens. It could have been another Final Fantasy or Draqon Quest, but Square's The World Ends With You for the DS takes everything you know about RPGs and throws it out the window, making for not only one of the most fresh and original RPGs in a long time, but simply one of the best.The World Ends With You...

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I Highly Recommend Smelling this Concrete Rose 0

The World Ends With You has some really nice things going for it, especially when it comes to utilizing all that the Nintendo DS hardware allows for. From using pretty-much every single gesture the Touch Screen has to offer, to the Microphone, to the “Mingle Mode” and “Tin Pin Slammer” (local Wi-Fi), it's all here. The only thing really missing from this wonderfully amazing package is online play, but being as it's an Action RPG it's totally understandable.Beyond the gameplay mechanics and story...

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The World May End With You, but Damn, is it Sweet! 0

The World Ends With You is an action-RPG of sorts developed by Jupiter (the team who developed Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) and published by world-renowned RPG developer, Square Enix. In this game, players will run around the streets of Shibuya, a fashion and teen hotspot, as antisocial teenager Neku Sakuraba to the beat of great, original music. Food can be bought from a number of stores in the game, and then eaten for stat bonuses ranging from increased HP, attack, defense, or brav...

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TWEWY sounds morbid, but don't let that scare you away. 0

Square-Enix is hailed for its superb RPG’s, and for good reason. They created and maintain several highly praised franchises spanning many sequels. But now we have The World Ends With You (TWEWY). It’s an all-new original property and it’s a great beginning in hopefully another top-notch franchise. Being a Japanese RPG TWEWY naturally has a somewhat targeted audience. Those of you who enjoy Western RPG’s may be missing out if they decide to skip TWEWY. While it is still very much an RPG rooted i...

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It's a Wonderful World Afterall 0

"The World Ends With You" know as "It's a Wonderful World" in Japan, is a unique gaming experience to say the least. This RPG which utilizes both the stylus and microphone functions for battle, displays a new and innovative way to use the DS's many features beyond simple mini-games or puzzle games. Playing as Neku, an angsty teen who has lost his memory, you are immediately flung into battle against relentless creatures known as "Noise". Without giving anything away, the plot is very engrossing...

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The World Reallly Needs You 1

How to begin. The World Ends With You (TWEWY from now on) is an amazing game. Though it may not be a masterpiece, it advances the RPG genre forward in ways that haven't been done before.  TWEWY starts in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, with the main character Neku waking up without some of his memories. He meets up with a girl, Shiki, who explains to him that he is part of the "Reaper's Game" in which players must complete 1 mission for 7 days or face "erasure". The story unfolds from there, and ...

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Square Enix Means Solid RPG 0

Admittedly, I am a sucker for RPG games. I am especially fond of the ones that have "Square Enix" written on the box. That said, I expected this to be a good game. The look and feel of the game seems to be that of contrasts. The battle system is split between the two screens where there are different methods of engaging battle, the characters are caught in what could be considered a grown up world but are themselves just kids, and even managing the incredible amounts of equipment is balanced bet...

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Action Games Don't Work on the DS 0

I barely played this game for 15 minutes.  The bottom line is this:  Using a stylus on a small screen to control an action game makes it difficult to see what is happening on screen.  It is the same problem that caused me to turn off Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword in 15 minutes.  This concept just doesn't work, period.  I can't even comment on all the plot, music, art style, etc. that some people seemed to like because the gameplay is so flawed.  I should have read the reviews more carefully, but I ...

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Best DS game I've seen since Zelda seriously it's just one of tho 0

Probably one of the most strangest games you'll ever see on DS, your looking at both screens at once through out the game. From the delightful series of Kingdom Hearts series Square Enix has once again made anathor great game thats really worth playing.Main story is set in Tokyo where you play as a silent charcter caled Neku who gets a phone message warning that he will only have 7 days to live. A mysterious group called Reapers who play a dangerous game where they earseing people for fun. So it...

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A truly brilliant RPG from the makers of Final Fantasy 0

It’s all too easy for RPG fans to only talk about Final Fantasy, especially when talking about Square Enix, that franchise’s creators. However, Final Fantasy isn’t the only title in the company’s catalogue, and people often forget that not only did they create the daddy of the genre, they also arguably spawned said genre as well. And so rather than rehash yet another FF game for the DS, Square Enix has moved into its fighting stance and shouted ‘Bring It’, and brought it they have with the imm...

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wrong turn at Albakirkie because you ended up here 0

From Square Enix, the company behind Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, comes something new and different that will end up leaving you with a smile and satisfaction each time you close the DS's lid. The World Ends with You (TWEWY) is an adventure/RPG game that tries new things and recycles some of the old. It has the classic teen characters with crazy hair trying to save the day or just survive.The spiky haired protagonist this round is one Neku. A boy finding himself in a parallel Shibuyo, the com...

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Innovative, provocative, exciting and beautiful. 0

 I tend to find myself repelled by RPGs released by the big publishers these days; over emphasis on graphics to woo the eyes, a run of the mill story and underdevelopment of the actual game. The World Ends With You (TWEWY) is an exception to this in almost every way, instead instantly grabbing my attention from the first announcement and holding it until the end credits. TWEWY is an exceptional game in every sense of the word: perfect for the platform, innovative, provocative, exciting and beaut...

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It All Clashes So Wonderfully 0


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Square Enix shows their quality with this classic dark fantasy 0

If you’ve played RPG’s for any length of time you are sure to know who Square Enix are. Think Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy and you’ll have a pretty good idea of their basic gaming formula and style: lush fantasy worlds, massive swords, crazy looking characters (chocobo’s optional), and so on. In one sense, Square Enix are quite stuck in their ways. They experiment occasionally, throw in a new feature or two, put a bit of shine on a few things, but in the end they rarely stray from their trad...

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Stylus action! (it's good) 0

   The World Ends with you is from the famous RPG developer, Square Enix most well-known for their Final Fantasy series.  However Squeenix (as I like to call them) took a risk with this new IP and it paid off for them.    Style.  That’s all that needs to be said about the visuals but I’ll delve deeper.  The World Ends with you is heavily influenced by anime art styles.  Each character looks refreshingly unique and what they wear really tells you a lot about their personality.  The enemies also l...

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Demands to be Experienced 0

So what made The World Ends With You such an endearing game? The game is, for a lack of a better term, fresh. You start off the game as Neku in a fictional Shibuya (which as I understand is Japan’s trendiest place to dress like you’re insane, but stylishly so). You don’t really remember much of what happened before the game starts, but this isn’t your typical “main character has amnesia” storyline. You’re not the chosen one and you’re not out to save the world. You’re a self-centered person ...

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