Rhianna Pratchett Is Tomb Raider's Lead Writer

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#151 Posted by 2kings (150 posts) -

@BrockNRolla said:

@TheSouthernDandy said:


This whole reveal is fucked.

1. It's a smart PR move at this point. People's minds are simple, and this will quell some of the anger.

2. A woman writing the game doesn't change anything. It can still be sexist.

3. Look at that picture of Pratchett. There's your sexism right there. So many women (except Hennig) who are involved in games development are shown like this. If she was a man it'd be 100% casual.

What the hell are you talking about?? That's a photo from her own damn website a photo she probably paid for and approved and probably likes. Goddamnit could we not call sexism on every friggin thing?? Yeah you're totally right, any woman who has a picture of herself where she looks attractive has clearly fallen victim to the misogynist game culture.

Bloody hell.

An interesting argument. Geraltitude - I think points 1 & 2 are totally solid. But I think you're extrapolating point 3 a bit too far. My first thought was that the writer of this story was making a subtle remark about sexuality and representation of women in the industry by choosing that picture over a more normal one. But, it's also just the first image that comes up in a google search, so take your pick as far as this website's intent.

Consider though also that she put this picture on her website to represent herself, and in that way, she's using her sexuality to market her own image. I don't know that this is sexism. Unless she can be sexist against herself? I don't know, that sounds odd. If anything I see this as more troubling because that kind of personal representation casts some doubt one whether or not she really is capable or writing a Lara Croft that isn't tinged with weird sexuality as well.

YES!!!! Women should all wear burkas without make-up to avoid the impression of self-sexism. I feel like alot you guys haven't been around a girl in a very long time. Trust me, most are in fact VERY particular about photos. Especially when they are for public view. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

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#152 Posted by GreggD (4595 posts) -

@Brodehouse said:

@BrockNRolla Yeah I don't mean to jump that far down your throat, but tha statement strikes a nerve with me. Because its exactly the kind of thing that prevents any sort of evolution of gender or sex in western culture. The idea that the only way to be a woman in business (or society) is to dress and act like a man is repellant to me. Or that the only reason a woman would want to appear attractive is for the benefit of men.
In the whole Tomb Raider debates my position has always been that all the forced chivalry is infantilizing at best and condescending otherwise. It's actually more damaging than plain old misogynists and bigots, because no one takes them seriously for very long.
I find it amusing that people are using "oh of course they're talking about the female members on staff NOW" as if they weren't there before. Like I said, it's more condescending and sexist that people automatically assumed that the entirety of Crystal D and the Tomb Raider dev staff were all men. And all men who hate women, and have never had a mother, a wife or a daughter. That guy's comments about "protecting" Lara probably has more to do with him being an older man and her a girl entering adulthood. But of course not, it's because he's an awful misogynist. Sigh.

Took all of the words right out of my mouth. Thank you.

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#153 Posted by Silock (276 posts) -

I'd tap that!

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