How does difficulty work?

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I can't seem to find a description on how difficulty works in T2. I'm playing on Casual now, with the thought that I could then start a new game + on Normal, play through again, and then maybe do another new game + on the next difficulty. However, I'm hearing rumblings, that when you make a character, you're locked into the difficulty you create them on. Also, how does difficulty scale for multi-player? If my character is Casual, and my friend is Normal and we play a game, will it just match the difficulty of the player who creates the game?

Sorry if these are stupid questions and I'm just missing something obvious.

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You can change difficulty on multiplayer games (there's a drop down menu when you create a game), not sure how that will affect your single player experience though.

Also I would recommend playing on Normal for easy mode, unless you have literally no previous gaming experience.

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