Tourette's Quest

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    PC game from Lars Doucet, the developer behind Defender's Quest.

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    Tourette's Quest was started as a Friday project by developer Lars Doucet. The game simulates his daily life with Tourette's Syndrome, a neurological disease. Lars has "tics" from Tourette's Syndrome, things his body makes him do that he doesn't necessarily want to. This can range from coughing to blinking excessively, or more severely the urge to throw himself down the stairs.

    Tourette's Quest shows the player what life is like with Tourette's Syndrome through gameplay. The player has to manage his stress and tics. The player can suppress a tic, although it will increase stress and result in a larger tic later on. In real life, tics annoy other people, so in the game tics are used to alert enemies.

    The initial goal for the game was to create randomly generated rooms in a dungeon and upon completing the floor, players would unlock new tics that make it harder. The new tics never made it into the current version of the game though.


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