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    Transformed Oedo Castle

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    The first castle of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. The game opens on the Emperor's home getting turned into a European style castle (at least on the outside).

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    Transformed Oedo Castle is the first dungeon from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. Its original form is a traditional Japanese style building that serves as the home of the emperor before its attacked by a peach-shaped spaceship. The ship fires a strange beam turns the castle into a European style fortress filled with dangerous traps and robots. It serves as a tutorial for dungeon navigation. Common castle-only items like Mr. Elly Fant (shows a map of the area) and Mr. Arrow (shows location of the boss) can be found here.

    Interior Layout

    Robot Dolls Aplenty
    Robot Dolls Aplenty
    Despite looking European on the outside, the interior of Transformed Oedo Castle still has a Japanese style. Enemies that roam the hallways and patrol rooms are robotic dolls armed with various weapons like projectile firing present boxes, a bouquet of flowers used like a club, and ninja stars. Blue robot dolls appear unarmed but have the ability to launch into a jump attack if targets get in range.
    Many doors in the castle are locked and must be opened with silver or gold keys found nearby. Some keys are hidden while others only appear if an area is cleared of enemies. Other obstacles include oddities like giant dumplings with hands and feet that charge in one direction or more commonplace dangers like crushing traps. Two rooms of the castle are flooded with water and must be navigated by jumping on platforms or avoiding spinning spike traps. The boss found at the end of the castle is Congo, the King Robot. A giant head whose body can be seen on other floors.


    Before fighting the boss Goemon and Ebisumaru meet Baron, one of the Flake Gang Weirdos. They don't learn much before insulting him and causing him to flee. Once Transformed Oedo Castle is beaten, the Emperor asks Goemon and Ebisumaru to find the ones that attacked the castle and punish them.

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