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    Tread Marks

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jan 14, 2000

    Tread Marks is a tank combat game released by Longbow Digital Arts in 2000.

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    Tread Marks let's you take control of a artificially intelligent tank, and you then compete against AI tanks in different forms of events. The game mainly consists of three game modes. Race mode, in which tanks race on off-road terrains. A battle mode where the tank or the team with most frags wins as soon as the frag limit. And lastly there is the Capture the Flag mode, in which teams must battle for control of the other team's flag. 
    The game's tanks operate under two classes, Steel and Liquid. The Steel tanks resemble tanks that are used in real-life, while the Liquid tanks, are works of imagination. Weapons and power-ups are found around the maps. The game has also spawned an active modding community, in which new maps, tanks and weapons are available. 
    Technical specifications. 
    The game uses OpenGL to render the 3D graphics, while Miles Sound System is used for positional sound. The deformable in-game terrain is made possible by using a Binary-Triange Tree based renderer which was programmed by Seumas McNally himself.


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