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    You don't know how to play our game, so we'll teach you how.

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    The way a tutorial is presented to the player in the game can differ greatly. Some games show one game concept at a time with text and/or speech along with it, telling and showing the player what to do. Sometimes developers will create a mini level where players just follow instructions that carry out the task for them.  Frequently first person shooters will start players out in a training mission. Usually a fully built level where they are asked to complete goals but are being taught the basic game mechanics at the same time. 

    Control Prompts  

    The complexity of modern game controllers, and the typical lack of support for fully remapping commands, means that the first half hour of a game is often a process of acclimatization to the developer's control scheme.
    Control prompts are normally overlays, on screen messages, or voice-overs informing the player what input produces a desired action at an appropriate time.  This can be as simple as jumping or crouching, coupled with a barrier that cannot be passed without performing that action.

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