Ubisoft Server Problems

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#1 Posted by HarkinNecro (99 posts) -

So I was going through steam and saw Anno 2070 complete edition going for a lot cheaper than normal. Well it seems that the steam ubisoft sale has crashed the Ubisoft servers as I can't play the game.

Does this mean I need to wait until the steam sale is over before I can play any Ubisoft games as you need to be online to play them?

I tried resetting my password and that takes an age and still says its the wrong password and username. Tried creating a new account and that said that the ubisoft servers are down. Do I blame steam? (of which I have saved a lot of money) Or do I blame Ubisoft?

Did I mention I hate Uplay...?

Sigh, need to wait longer...

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#2 Posted by Leptok (982 posts) -

Ubifail, haven't bought anything from them dice they brought in always PB drm

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#3 Posted by HarkinNecro (99 posts) -

I bought Settlers 7 ages ago and that worked fine the last time I played it but it seems i'll need to wait until the 22nd july and this steam sale to be over. Still hate thet fact i need to be online to play it.

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#4 Edited by Optix12 (682 posts) -

Ok i guess the password authentication system is also broken as it was claiming I was using a wrong combo for signing in. I would say blame Ubisoft as they have had games using Uplay on steam sales before (summer sale as well) so it might be an external unrelated problem.

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#5 Posted by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

Never buy PC games from Ubisoft. Tons of companies have always on DRMs now but Ubi's online architecture dates back to the stone age, they just don't have a clue what they're doing and are probably just running around with their hair on fire most of the time.

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