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    Ultimate Custom Night

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jun 27, 2018

    A spin-off of the Five Nights At Freddy's series, allowing players to customize their jumpscare challenge with a mash-up of over 50 animatronics from the series' previous games.

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    Ultimate Custom Night is a point-and-click survival horror game developed and released digitally by Scott Cawthon for the PC on June 27, 2018. It was later published by Clickteam for iOS and Android devices on April 28, 2020, later for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2021. While the PC version is freeware, the mobile and console versions require a standard fee.

    A spin-off of the Five Nights at Freddy's series, Ultimate Custom Night expands on the "custom night" feature of some of the series' previous games, where players can customize the difficulty and appearance of the antagonistic animatronics in a single story-less session.

    The game retains the simple single-screen interface from earlier games in the series, and includes over 50 animatronics and hallucinations from the series (each with their own unique mechanics). In addition, the game includes a new scoring system, special power-ups (that are used prior to the start of each session), unlockable office locales, and hidden animated cutscenes (parodying different types of anime).


    Players can choose the difficulty of 50 different obstacles (from 0-20, with 0 disabling the obstacle completely).

    1. Freddy (FNAF)
    2. Bonnie (FNAF)
    3. Chica (FNAF)
    4. Foxy (FNAF)
    5. Toy Freddy (FNAF2)
    6. Toy Bonnie (FNAF2)
    7. Toy Chica (FNAF2)
    8. Mangle (FNAF2)
    9. BB (FNAF2)
    10. JJ (FNAF2)
    11. Withered Chica (FNAF2)
    12. Withered Bonnie (FNAF2)
    13. Puppet (FNAF2)
    14. Golden Freddy (FNAF2)
    15. Springtrap (FNAF3)
    16. Phantom Mangle (FNAF3)
    17. Phantom Freddy (FNAF3)
    18. Phantom BB (FNAF3)
    19. Nightmare Freddy (FNAF4)
    20. Nightmare Bonnie (FNAF4)
    21. Nightmare Fredbear (FNAF4)
    22. Nightmare (FNAF4)
    23. Jack-O-Chica (FNAF4)
    24. Nightmare Mangle (FNAF4)
    25. Nightmarionne (FNAF4)
    26. Nightmare BB (FNAF4)
    27. Old Man Consequences (FNAFW)
    28. Circus Baby (FNAFSL)
    29. Ballora (FNAFSL)
    30. Funtime Foxy (FNAFSL)
    31. Ennard (FNAFSL)
    32. Trash and the Gang (FFPS)
    33. Helpy (FFPS)
    34. Happy Frog (FFPS)
    35. Mr. Hippo (FFPS)
    36. Pigpatch (FFPS)
    37. Nedd Bear (FFPS)
    38. Orville Elephant (FFPS)
    39. Rockstar Freddy (FFPS)
    40. Rockstar Bonnie (FFPS)
    41. Rockstar Chica (FFPS)
    42. Rockstar Foxy (FFPS)
    43. Music Man (FFPS)
    44. El Chip (FFPS)
    45. Funtime Chica (FFPS)
    46. Molten Freddy (FFPS)
    47. Scrap Baby (FFPS)
    48. Afton (FFPS)
    49. Lefty (FFPS)
    50. Phone Guy

    In addition, players will regularly encounter DeeDee from FNaF World, who cannot be disabled and adds one of the following secret obstacles at random:

    1. Shadow Bonnie (FNAF2)
    2. Nightmare Chica (FNAF4)
    3. Plushtrap (FNAF4)
    4. Bonnet (FNAFSL)
    5. Lolbit (FNAFSL)
    6. Minireenas (FNAFSL)

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