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    Ultra Golf

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 01, 1991

    A golf game for the Game Boy.

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    Ultra Golf is a golfing game developed and published by Konami (published by Ultra Games in the US) for the Game Boy platform. The UK release was titled Konami Golf while the Japanese release was titled Konamic Golf.


    An overhead view of the first hole.
    An overhead view of the first hole.

    Players start each hole in Ultra Golf by getting an overhead view of the course. To the right side of the map some information will be given to the player such as:

    • Hole number.
    • Wind direction and speed.
    • The location of the ball (I.E. fairway, rough, green, ect.)
    • Which player is currently up.
    • How many shots over/under par the current player is.

    This information will also be displayed during play while the player is zoomed in on the course.

    Hitting the Ball

    Getting ready to hit the ball.
    Getting ready to hit the ball.

    Once the player has chosen the direction the ball will be hit in it is time to make the shot. On the shot screen the player can more fine tune which direction the shot will be made. Once the direction has been set the next thing is to select the club. Once the club has been selected the stance of the player is chosen which will allow for hook shots.

    The final stage of hitting the ball is a "two click" system in which the player starts a cursor which will go around a circle. The button is then pressed when that cursor hits the desired power level. The cursor will then swing back. The button must be pressed again to indicate the desired angle of the swing.

    Game Modes

    There are only two modes of play in Ultra Golf, tournament and practice. Tournament mode starts off with the player getting to select how many days the tournament lasts. The tournament is between the player and 4 other computer controlled players. The player with the best score at the end is declared the winner.

    The practice mode allows the player to choose which of the two courses in the game to play. This allows the player to simply play that course and not compete against any computer controlled opponents.


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