Some Questions / Insights Regarding UC3 Multiplayer

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So, let me start this by saying, this is arguably one of the most addictive, enjoyable, satisfying games I have ever owned. However, I have to ask for some opinions on this...

I'm only a 2nd legacy lvl 32. I played UC3 multiplayer from late November until xmas and then put it down for Skyrim. Then I picked it back up in late March 2012 and have been balls out since then. Needless to say, I came back into a SERIOUS buzz saw of triple legacy 75's who are like fucking ninja magicians with a GMAL.

Here's my point. I feel like a LARGE portion of your success (i.e. positive Kill/Death Ration) in a TDM of FFA match is based on LUCK. Why do I say that, you might ask? Because my style of play does not vary all that much, but the amount of success I have in each match does. I am an L1 aiming shooter. I don't use blindfire enough. I use the GMAL mostly and I strive to get the drop on people, attack hot zones from an obtuse (not common angle) so as to catch people by surprise, and I can roll and drop grenades with the best of them. However, one match, my enemies will drop like flies. Sometimes with only TWO bursts from my GMAL and everything is going my way. Those are the rounds where I catch someone with one burst as they're running by and the second burst DROPS THEM as they are jumping through a doorway or off a ledge. Those are the rounds I'm going like 20-7, 17 -5, or 15-6, etc.

Then, just as many matches, I can frigging LACE someone with like 4 or 5 bursts that I see clearly hit them, but they survive through those bursts with enough life to mow me down with an A-K. Leaving me to say, "WHAAAAAAAAA???!!!" I can run up on someone and fire one, then two bursts into them yet their first couple shots takes me out IMMEDIATELY once they start firing. These are the matches when it seems that all things are swinging AGAINST my favor.

Another huge element is the spawn generator. Where you get placed, especially in FFA is ENORMOUS. That, and random luck with regard to where other people happen to be running (either right across your path so you can easily get the drop on them) or during the poor matches, the opponents tend to show up right behind you over, and over.

Am I crazy? Does anyone else get the feeling while playing this utterly addictive and fun, yet brutally frustrating multiplayer that outcomes of matches are often in the hands of luck and the game's ability to process logically shooting/melees interaction between players? There seems like a HUGE inconsistency between the way the game generates outcomes when two players attack each other. Thoughts?

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As far as the G-Mal and the problems with that, it's just lag nothing more. FFA is a crazy mode and the spawns are slightly insane, personally I got the FFA treasures and haven't played it since. There are tricks you can do with the melee to give you the advantage. Something I had to except is aiming is not the best way to win especially in CQC.

Check my tome on the forums, it might help you.

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X19 - thanks for responding. It seems like a bit of a ghost town on this message board. Is the community dying-out with UC3? There sure are plenty of people still playing the Multiplayer.

As for my comments above, even as i was writing them I was thinking, "I'm sure a large part of these anomalies are probably explained by LAG".

Btw - I've been reading your tome for the last hour at work on a Friday afternoon. Bravo for putting that kind of effort forth to help us all improve. Its a cool thing when a game is so unbelievably appealing and addictive that even grinding out new techniques and practicing things is fun..

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Oh, one more question X19.

Putting all other factors that you are unaware of aside like, my skill level, how good my aim is, how well I strafe, the path I take through maps, power weapons grabbed, etc. etc., do you think that on those matches where I'm coming out on top and dicing people is because my wireless internet connection is pulling better up/down speeds at that moment and the matches I'm getting laced is because my internet conn. is slow at that moment?

(Probably a tough one to answer, being that I'm asking you to provide a general answer to a specific question without all the facts) ;)

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@Awolf007: I'm so into this game that every single match is different to me. Generalizing is very difficult because there are hundreds of options you could of taken throughout one match, which decides different outcomes.

Truth of the matter is it's 2012 and not every household will have super fast broadband. This is something you accept and move on from and concentrate on improving all the other aspects of your abilities. You know when you have outsmarted another player and that isn't because of your connection.

For me if I get killed a lot by the same guy and my team mates say he's lagging too, I just stay away from him, or team up on him.

Seriously though forget about lag, just have fun playing and getting better at the game.

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X19- I'm with you 100% on being into this game. I've got a few other games right now and I just CAN NOT stop playing it. Its like a compulsion to hear that utterly satisfying DING when u get a kill. It's the drive to get better and have less deaths and more kills. consistently. It almost doesn't make sense on some levels because you would think that the multiplayer would get old. It doesn't. There's always better players that can wax u no matter how good you get. I'm at a BarBque with family and friends and what am I doing? Thinking about UC3 and when I'm going to squeeze in some play time this weekend.

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