This game is busted!

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I don't have the most stable or reliable internet connection, but most of the time it does just fine. Yet U3 have almost always caused problems whenever I wanted to play online. The connection process you go through in U3 seems like a bit of a dice roll for me, I usually have to do it 2-3 times for it to work, but after that it's all good. That's usually what happens except for today.

When it gets to the "syncing level data" part of the connection process it stops and after a while the following message appears "failed to sync level data". Now I've searched the web and it's apparently not a rare problem with the game, in fact quite a few people seem to have encountered it. The most well-known solution is to change your DNS settings to (primary) and (secondary) yet that still doesn't work. I have tried to play this game a couple of times today and it's just not happening!

I can't believe that a AAA game like Uncharted 3 has this kind of problems.

Anyway I just wanted to blow off some steam and in case anybody else have experienced this problem and found a different solution than the one above, I would gladly appreciate your help. :)

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That might just be your connection?

I haven't played it since around the time it came out, I don't recall any problems.

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@Hizang: Yeah maybe, but it's never been this bad before. My other games work just fine when playing online. I would say that U3 is one of the most unstable games I have played in that regard.

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@Castiel: I take it you haven't played Twisted Metal, now that games just straight up busted!

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