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"Untrusted - Web of Cybercrime" is an online, multiplayer, social deduction game for 10 to 16 simulatenous players, currently playable for PC, Linux and browsers supporting WebGL.

In Untrusted, hackers from the fictional NETSEC must hack a specific server on a computer network, while undercover AGENTs will have to stop the hack in progress before the time runs out.

NETSEC players are unaware of other players of the same faction, but are in a vast majority, while undercover agents, while in minority, can count on their intel (two players are spawned as agents, and they know each other's role).

Untrusted currently features 21 playable classes and 70+ skills.


The game is mostly text based and each turn alters between "Day" and "Night" phases, where the day is reserved to hacking and the night to investigating the other players. Playable skills unlock during the appropriate turn phase.

Initially, NETSEC only have access to certain computers, called "entry points". Once an entry point is hacked, it will allow connection to other computers directly connected to it. AGENTs and other neutral classes have skills that allow to tamper with the hack to their advantage, however, most actions will leave logs on the computers, which NETSEC will be able to use to understand who is a liar, and who isn't.

The game ends as soon NETSEC gains control of the target node or when NETSEC or AGENTS completely remove from play the opposing faction: this can be done either via specific skills that allow to kill or arrest a player, or by voting (which can be done once each phase).

Like similar games, the deduction and player elimination aspect is very important, however Untrusted also offers table-top style elements game with the hacking objective, as certain skills are RNG based and thus, coordination and use of skills "in synergy" are vital to success of NETSEC.

To allow for greater coordination, a special NETSEC class (called "Operation Leader", which is unique and guaranteed to spawn each game) has the ability to anonymously broadcast messages.


NETSEC classes

  • Operation Leader: a special hacking class which can anonymously broadcast messages to everyone. It's the only class with the special "0-day vulnerability" skill that guarantees a successful hack. Unique, guaranteed to spawn.
  • Network Specialist: a medium powered hacking class, with skills that allow both for investigation and improving the success hacking class.
  • Spearphisher: a medium powered hacking class, with skills that allow increase the hacking chance as well as the ability to use "Download Intel".
  • Blackhat: the most powerful hacking class in the game, it is often the mostly sought class by AGENTs, as arresting a blackhat is generally a setback for NETSEC.
  • Improvised hacker: a special hacking class (with low node capture chance). Non-hacking class can convert themselves into this class after Day 4 using the "Desperate measures" skill.
  • Analyst: a powerful investigative class, with hacking ability and with the ability to investigate also other players.
  • Social Engineer: an investigative class, with hacking ability, self-protection and redirection skills.
  • Enforcer: a non hacking class which has the ability to protect other players and, eventually, attempt to murder them.
  • CCTV Specialist: a non-hacking class which can plant CCTV cameras on target players. Once another players visits the target, the CCTV specialist will be notified. This class is extremely useful to find the Field Agent, but can become quickly useless late game if the target node is far away.
  • Inside Man: a non hacking class, which can instantly identify the target node. If no inside men are present in the game, NETSEC will either have to find the target by using the "Download Intel" skill

AGENT classes

  • AGENT Leader: the agent leader is a special class, with the ability to convert most NETSEC players into agent moles. This is the only class with a special skill slot, which guarantees a new different skill (from a spawn pool) to this class every time a new game is created. Unique, guaranteed to spawn.
  • Field Agent: the field agent has special skills that allow to arrest players during the night, taking the out of the game instantly. Unique, guaranteed to spawn.
  • Moles: moles are converted players from the NETSEC faction, that will now have to play with AGENTs in order to win. Their skill depend on their starting class.
  • Runaway Snitch: a special class - in case both the agent leader and the field agent are dead, the last mole will automatically turn in to a runaway snitch - with the ability to attempt murder.

NEUTRAL classes

  • Script Kiddie: a neutral class which tends to side with NETSEC - however, being very easy to fake, people are generally suspicious of SK claims.
  • Journalist: a true neutral class, which however can disturb both factions. Generally seen NETSEC-friendly.
  • Sociopath: this class is the only one with a 1-time, 100% success, murder skill available. To win, the sociopath must first find the operation leader, kill him, then get arrested.
  • Resentful Criminal: this chaotic class must kill both the agent leader and operation leader in order to win. Generally unfriendly to both factions.
  • Bounty Hunter: agent-friendly neutral class that has to support AGENTS in arrest operations in order to win.


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