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Game Modes


Slice and Dice as many vegetables as you can while you have to try and avoid hitting the poison vials. Missing a veggie or slicing a poision vial loses you a life (of which you have 3).


Cut up as many veggies as you can before time runs out. You lose no lives for missed veggies.


Same as Samurai but at three times the speed!


In this mode, veggies are thrown into a cart and you have to cut up any veggies that don't belong. Slicing a veggie that does belong or allowing a "rogue veggie" to enter the cart loses you a life (of which you have 8)


It's raining peppers and you have to slice three of the same colour in a row as many times as you can before time runs out! No penalties are given.


No time limit, no penalties, no score. Just good ol' veggie slicin' fun!


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