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Verity was born c. 1944. In 6 November, 1952, she was last seen alive at Saxton beach. She seemed to vanish without a trace and her parents alerted the police. A city-wide search was contacted, until her corpse was discovered within the old Town Hall. The building had been constructed in 1890 and was at the time undergoing modifications, to turn into the new Saxton Museum. The girl had somehow become trapped in the service tunnels within the walls.  
Verity would continue to haunt the museum for decades, particularly its basement.  She somehow befriended the ghost of William Ager, though not too fond of his fantasies of murdering whoever searched for his beloved Crown. She has fun by toying with the lights, copy machines and elevators.  

When Nigel Danvers broke into the museum at night, he got his proper introduction to Verity. She warned him to watch for his head if disturbing William and tried to prevent Nigel from entering the second floor of the museum, haunted by William. Verity also points that she is not actually trapped in the museum. She just visits it to play. While Nigel helps several trapped ghosts get released during the Game, Verity is notably not among them.

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