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    Victory Run

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Dec 28, 1987

    A racing game for the Turbografx-16 developed by Hudson. It uses the behind-the-car viewpoint popularized by Sega's OutRun.

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    Victory Lap is a behind-the-car racing game, developed and published in Japan by Hudson Soft for the Turbografx-16 system they co-developed with NEC (which later published the US version), that has the player racing to a distant location hitting checkpoints along the way for additional time. While there are other competitors on the road, the goal is to simply keep the timer going until the finish line is reached.

    To add a simulation element, the player must select a bunch of replacement parts before starting a race. Intermittently, the player will need to substitute in new parts as the old ones get damaged either from regular wear and tear or from player error, such as incorrectly switching gears or driving over potholes.

    Though not explicitly stated, the race is based on the famous Paris-Dakar Rally. This inference can be made as Paris can be clearly seen in the background for the early stages of the race and the later, more difficult stages are set in desert environments.


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