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EDIT: Video no worky for me.

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Yell at me Jaffe! Yell at me like you love to do.

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Jaffe is a class act. I hope he can get another good game off the ground.

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An awesome surprise!

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Twisted Metal at #1...

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You mean pop the bubble?

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The New Year prophecy was true!

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I still have my Christmas cough too Dave. It was great to see Sound Shapes make the list. Love that game

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I don't get why people are incapable of giving top 10 lists. "Oh, I have to do a top 12!" No you don't.

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Thank-you for taking the time to make and share a list with us David.

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Mr. David Jaffe, i wish you and your family the very best in 2013 :-)

And of course, your new game!

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Jaffe was drunk during this video. Or I'm drunk. Probably both

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Hey Jaffe, you're a pretty awesome dude.
And hell yes, Sonic Racing Transformed.  Fantastic game.

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@Spoonman671 said:

Jaffe! EDIT: Video no worky for me.

Yep, video isn't working for me either :(

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Loved the ending!

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His daughter is adorable.

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Dawwww, the ending.

Fantastic stuff, always love hearing from Jaffe.

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@TOYBOXX said:

@Spoonman671 said:

Jaffe! EDIT: Video no worky for me.

Yep, video isn't working for me either :(

Yeah, same.

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haha, funny ending

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That was just adorable at the end there.

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I support Stratego as an honorable mention on a 2012 GOTY list.

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David Jaffe is my kind of man japyp nes year

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I am thirty six.

Thanks Jaffe.

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new contender for best ending

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I played Thirty Flights of Loving and had no idea what i was playing.

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Fuck yeah, video list!
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he kray

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Wow when did Jaffe turn into Woddy Allen.

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God I love Jaffe. His daughters are fucking adorable as well.

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Fine fine FINE I'll play 30 Flights of Loving damn it. I wanna play Gravity Bone first though...

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I love David Jaffe.

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I love that some of them sent in video lists. 
And that they're still popping up  

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I like David Jaffe.

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@Moncole said:

I played Thirty Flights of Loving and had no idea what i was playing.

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jaffe you are the man

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Stratego with asynchronous and pass & play for iPad, make it happen Jaffe!

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Seeing a Mickey Mouse hat on the man who lead the revival of Twisted Metal is an odd experience.

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Yeah, Jaffe! <3

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Haha great video David! Your daughter is absolutely wonderful!

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30 Flights of what now? I gotta check this thing out, if you're gonna compare it to Pulp Fiction.

Great video!

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Fantastic video. Really glad Mr. Jaffe got this out. HAVE A GREAT 2013 YALL.

**Video wasn't working for me in Chrome, try Firefox and make sure Flash is updated of course.

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@NTM said:

@TOYBOXX said:

@Spoonman671 said:

Jaffe! EDIT: Video no worky for me.

Yep, video isn't working for me either :(

Yeah, same.

No videos are working for me today.

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Dude, this was so awesome. Always a great top 10 list from Jaffe, with some games I've never even heared about, definatly going to check them out.

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@Godlyawesomeguy: Giantbomb's videos have been going slow for me for a few days now, I don't know why. I try to do it in 720p, and that usually works fine, but ever since they had Jeff's top game of the year video, it's been going slow for me for some reason. Every other site that has HD videos works the same as it has before. I can watch this video now, but not in 720 if I want to have no hitches.

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Fuck, I love how David Jaffe just rambles his way through this video.

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Great video. Good to see Jaffe.

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David Jaffe really seems like a class act, so glad he's still in the industry (even if Twisted Metal wasn't fantastic - I don't blame that on him, though. He seemed done with it far before it came out, anyways)

I had actually not heard of Thirty Flights of Loving before; but will probably check it out now, he really seems impassioned with it.

Also, "I AM SEVEN"

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That was adorable when his daughter came in. Very personal it seemed.

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Great video. You can tell Jaffe is super passionate about games.

Funny, heartfelt and an adorable ending too!

EDIT: I just realised that I've yet to show appreciation for all of the GOTY video, podcast and article content that you guys at GB have been doing.

Thanks guys! You made my evenings watching the same old movies I've seen a thousand times with my family super easy to do!