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Oh that future nonsense has me worried....

I still say the Assassins Creed games would be MUCH MUCH better if they abandoned the whole future memory machine nonsense and just had you playing as the assassin in the assassins timeline.

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Random dungeons sounds pretty great to me

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@oursin_360 said:

I figured they had tried to pull a killzone with that first "demo". Looks ok graphically though, not as good as a pc game on high but still pretty good. The real bummer is the assassins creed knockoff theme, i was hoping this was just going to be dragons dogma 2, i really loved the combat in that game even if the rest of it was terrible.

But, they ARE making another Dragons Dogma, so no worries there. It just they are making another game...this...too. The weird part, that I will have to see to grasp, is how the game's maps are procedurally generated and monsters are randomized, and online co-op with up to three friends is possible. It soudns liek a game where my fiends in my game makes something different than I going into their game. Randomized dungeons & monsters, with graphics that nice would be revelatory.

It probably won't be a seamless transition between your game and joining a friends etc. So all the maps generated will be unique to whoever is hosting the match. They may even just have a seperate mode for co-op where the world generated there is separate from the single player universe, either way it's possible.

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As much crud as this trailer was I'm still interested in this game.

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I love the music.

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This got me interested again after the TURRIBUL last trailer. Also I need that song.

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Man Capcom games have the WORST trailers. I thought the Castlevania one was bad enough, but this just sets the bar even lower.

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A game to be played with the volume down and the subtitles off.

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@tearunner: Dark souls was the asian version of Dark souls .

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@tearunner: Dark Souls is the Asian version of Dark Souls.

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I am so very into this!

Looks incredible!

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Geezus why was the camera so insanely zoomed in like it was about to disappear up the player characters arse. Silly capcom if your UI sucks then just turn it off.

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Capcom is terrible now, so no hope for this. They use to be the Publisher I bought the most game for. This past gen maybe 3 total... And that's because they try to take Japanese dev's and make a game that appeals to Americans... = Fail.

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@tearunner: Dark souls is made in japan by from software

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It looks cool enough (moreso on mute) but that Demons' Souls formula is pretty easy to break.

This trailer has all but convinced me that they've already failed on the atmosphere front.

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Hmmm, less interested with this sci fi shit thrown in.

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This premise can open the door to nearly ANY setting, while still retaining coherency. Out of all the next gen games, this title is the one I'm most excited for.

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What did I just watch?

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Well, this has to be a candidate for worst trailer ever.

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I figured they had tried to pull a killzone with that first "demo".

I still think they have in a couple of respects. The game still looks good but just compare the fire that we see for the measly second in this trailer to that of the original. It pales in comparison, the fluid simulation in the original was clearly far too complex to run in a real-time gameplay scenario.

I guess we'll see though.

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at 1:32 i hear "Cat Mario"... is this game gonna be asshole hard?

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what in the hell? This trailer made less sense then that first one they showed at e3....jesus. so dumb.

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Dear god. Fire the voice actors. Fire the writing staff. Delay the game 6 months. Fix this mess.

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I definitely want to see more of this before I pass judgement on it. The video looks really cool and gives off a great vibe.

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I don't know what the crap to think of this, but so far I'm down.


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@tearunner: Uuuuh, Dark Souls is Asian. From Software, a Japanese company, made it.

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What is happening in this game? I feel like I understand it less and less well with each subsequent trailer.

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Uh, that voice acting.... Jesus. Who are they hiring for the voice work? It sounds like they hired British people are told them to put on American accents. As a result, the voice work seems strange and forced.

Also, while it doesn't look bad, the graphics are not as good as those seen in that trailer they released. I guess that wasn't a real time trailer, eh?

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Getting some .hack vibes from this, only it feels way less anime as fuck.

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well, the MUSIC is certainly from japan...

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What the fuck is this game, Capcom?

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Looks cool except for the lame stuff.

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Music kinda reminded me of the Star Wars cover the Piano Guys did a while back. I dig it.

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That audio narrative sounds like it was taken straight from some unannounced cancelled dlc for Remember Me (2013). Also, terrible music.

Description of Remember Me: "The player takes control of Nilin, an elite memory hunter who is not only incredibly athletic and trained in martial arts, but also has the special ability to access and modify people's memories." Remember Me was published by Capcom.

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Man Capcom games have the WORST trailers. I thought the Castlevania one was bad enough, but this just sets the bar even lower.

Capcom doesn't make Castlevania...

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Liquid Expression.

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Now Im not digging it at all ... :( bummer , I wanted a studio to take a jab at the Soul´s formula , but this futury AC stuff and upbeat music kills it. Now the games needs to be really really good for me to get it. We´ll see.

You know, I'm not looking for this to be Dark Souls 2. We're getting Dark Souls 2, it's called Dark Souls 2. But this game is trying real hard to evoke the feeling of those Souls games, which I'm okay with. Doesn't mean it has to be 100% Dark Souls. The idea of it being more cooperative based with randomly generated dungeons and random loot with very technical combat actually has me excited about it.

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Assassin's Creed comparison is some surface level understanding. If this game is channeling anything its Dark Souls.

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but how much like Rogue is it?

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im really not sure what to think. the very first trailer looked pretty good and i actually dig the name deep down but this trailer was so bad and the camera angles.. my god so bad, it feels like they are trying to make a trailer with content that isnt ready.

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Just got FUCK YOURSELF JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I did not get the purpose of any of this. Just kind of disjointed, including the V.A.

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Seems cool! Why all the negativity?

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love that music, the first teaser trailer had a futuristic hint at the end.

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It's next gen's Monster Hunter. Main focus points are 'always online' and 'random generated content'.

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This is definitely a Japanese videogame. A bunch of disjointed images linked together with perplexing voice-over.