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Posted By Chroma_Auron

I kind of hope this entire game doesn't end up with hearing moaning sounds for the majority if it while in action. Seriously it feels creepy like the game is all about avoiding sexual assault. That is the what I'm feeling from watching it.

Other then that, I'm interested in seeing how this game will turn out.

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Posted By Evenstar

I definitely looking forward to this game. Cant wait to 2012. I like that thay made it like a horror game.

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Posted By Scribbly

Weird turn for the series to take, but the game seems pretty damn interesting.

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Posted By Jackel2072

i am really really excited for this. and now to go back and play Tomb Raider Anniversary

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Posted By Evan_Buchholz

Too much self monologue in my opinion...

I don't need her to say "Oh more fire" when I put the torch in the flames....

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Posted By advocatefish

Laira, really? Fucking douche.

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Posted By Junpei

@Tricky69: If I remember from the old Game Informer cover story this was the section they got to play back then and if you don't fight him off your head gets crushed by the boulder instead of his. From what I've heard Lara can die in some pretty grisly ways.

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Posted By flannelbeard

While this feels like an attempt to make Tomb Raider less ridiculous and more like and Uncharted game... it does look excellent so far. I have never really been into Tomb Raider... but color me interested now!

Damn good trailer and demo!

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Posted By richyeah

Is the guy chasing her saying "I'm trying to help you?" or something similar? I kept hearing that.

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Posted By Gunner

Is it Laura's in a pickle, or a pickle's in Laura.... HA!

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Posted By tricky69

Reading through the comments I can see everyone is picking up on all the QTE stuff. You gotta remember that this game is open world and this was probably your typical set piece in which it'll be heavy on the QTE's. But I think (and hope) that the rest of the game will be very different. More gameplay footage is definitely needed. So far though it looks extremely promising.

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Posted By tricky69

At the 4 minutes and 45 seconds mark, the guy grabbing Lara says something like "...help you." I couldn't make out the first part, but was he innocently trying to help Lara...?

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Posted By inevpatoria

I don't like how he calls her "Lair-a."

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Posted By RichieJohn
@hellspoet636: You're completely right.  The straight comparisons are dumb. Uncharted has much more in common with Gears Of  War than Tomb Raider. It does have a fair dose of Tomb Raider in there tho.
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I think this game looks great, and I really hope the dev's can deliver on the concept.

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Posted By Creigz

This is pretty much the only game that's totally intrigued me from E3.

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Posted By ThievingJacob

I don't like the sadistic and exploitative direction they're taking Tomb Raider in. Which is a bit hypocritical as I bought Haunting Ground recently.

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Edited By MeatSim

She took that falling a great distance and getting impaled like a champ.

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Edited By Krakn3Dfx

Wow, remove Lara Croft and insert Nathan Drake, and this is basically an Uncharted game.

Not a bad thing though, definitely looking forward to this.

They need to tone down the girly noises tho, that could get annoying as hell real fast.

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Posted By Vaancor

@echelon11 said:

Stabbed by a nasty piece of old bone? INFECTIONS.

And so this game becomes meaningless, as Ms. Croft dies of a nasty, nasty, infection.

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Posted By enune77

Wow! That was painful to look at. I'm really looking forward this to game now. Do Lara proud Crystal Dynamics!

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Posted By paulunga

Oh man, Alex wasn't kidding, that really was a LOT of moaning.

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Posted By echelon11

Stabbed by a nasty piece of old bone? INFECTIONS.

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Posted By Shadowsquire

What the hell is that thing?! The damn Olympic torch??

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Posted By LiquidPrince

Looks like the learned some things from Uncharted about how to present these swashbuckling scenes, and dramatics. Looks pretty awesome.

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Posted By ashton

K im not watching all this. I want to know nothing about this game

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Edited By Xymox

"What kinda contraption is this?" 
It's a video game puzzle, Laura. You should know this by now.  
This is... Interesting. I like that they're gonna try to breathe some fresh air into this franchise: I'm actually interested, so that's something. I'm... Actually excited about a tomb raider game? It really is the 90's again. 

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Posted By AURON570

am I the only one that burst out laughing when the prompts showed up near the end telling you to alternately mash "RT and LT"? 
This looks pretty awesome, but I don't know whether it's just the sex sounds or the actual intensity of the situation.

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Posted By Hellstrom
@hellspoet636 said:
I think I get why so many people are comparing TR to Uncharted, they are similar in a few ways like the tropical setting and arguably similar structure and protagonist. However, I personally always felt that TR was a more of a Platformer/Puzzle game while uncharted felt more like a tried and true 3rd person shooter. with that said I never actualy plaid an uncharted game so i might be totally wrong.
No you're right. 
Uncharted is basicaly a TPS, with a few scripted events, and jumps.
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Posted By Xpgamer7

That was really dramatic. I like it.

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Posted By benjaebe

Absolutely adore it. I kind of wish they didn't focus on what I'm assuming is an action-heavy exciting introduction and highlighted the survival elements and exploration I've heard them talk at length about, but I understand it's a presentation and they wanted to do something exciting. Still, looks brilliant and I can't wait to see more leading up to release. It's looking great for being a Fall 2012 title.

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Posted By Kajaah117

That voice actor is incredible. Those first few moments were extremely brutal and intense because of how convincing she sounds. If the rest of the game has this same focus on survival and not invincible badassery then I am on board. I love me some vulnerable protagonists.

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Posted By onimonkii

now that i've actually seen this, people are really blowing the moans and pants out of proportion.

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Posted By fatalbanana

I think I get why so many people are comparing TR to Uncharted, they are similar in a few ways like the tropical setting and arguably similar structure and protagonist. However, I personally always felt that TR was a more of a Platformer/Puzzle game while uncharted felt more like a tried and true 3rd person shooter. with that said I never actualy plaid an uncharted game so i might be totally wrong.

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Posted By liquidcabbage

I know she's supposed to be young in this game but THIS IS NOT WHAT LAURA SHOULD SOUND LIKE!!! BRING BACK THE CLASSIC LAURA VOICE!!!

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Posted By Funky_Pasta_Tommy

Shame her moans of pain really annoyed me, coz otherwise that seemed quite decent.

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Posted By Anjon

The myriad of instant-kill QTEs (well, in the Game Informer interview, they mention them all being instant-kill), makes me sadface, but I think the sound direction is potentially worse. It sounds like the voice actress doesn't understand what pain and fear sounds like. Hopefully they'll fix that before release? Or maybe I'll use a different language setting.

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Posted By TheDeadComedian

The only thing sexist about me is I can't stand seeing women get hurt. Sort of in the way Jeff can't stand looking at needles or someone shooting up drugs in movies. That won't stop me from playing, but I found her screaming distracting. It sounded to girl-y for Lara Croft.

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Posted By TOA_Doom

Wow, she really got messed up....

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Posted By Vonocourt

Looked fucking phenomenal. Really dug the constant allusions to realism, like her crippled walk and or her doing a few tumbles while she was sliding.

Just wish that random explosion wasn't there.

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Edited By 234r2we232

So this is a remake of Tomb Raider? 
Also, the whole the demo being quick time events (kinda like the ship level in Underworld) looked no fun at all :/

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Posted By Parkingtigers

This reboot looks amazing.  I felt genuinely concerned for Lara watching this, I almost feel compelled to play the game to make sure she makes it out alive.  Will be watching the progress on this one with great interest.

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Posted By clubsandwich

to me this has been the best game of E3 so far.

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Posted By haggis

Hmmm. Well, it doesn't look bad, it just doesn't look too much like Tomb Raider--which could be good, or could be bad depending on where it goes. I'm definitely more interested in this than I would be in a non-rebooted Tomb Raider game, but something just doesn't click with me yet. There's still quite a while until release, so that could change between now and then.

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Posted By Anjon

@wasteguru: Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness had an injury mechanic, but everyone hated it. Also, it looks like all of the injuries in this game are scripted, ala Uncharted.

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Posted By Siphillis

Quicktime events continue to be just as stupid as when they were introduced on the SEGA CD. 
Other than that, this is very interesting.

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Posted By avantegardener

Wow, looks genuinely good.

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Posted By wafflez

@wasteguru: so you mean if I get shot, hiding behind some boxes WONT make me better?!

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