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One of my best friends is named, I shit you not, Keith Ingraham. He could not be MORE different from this Keith, but it still makes this game even MORE surreal.

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You got bugs, bro! Take a shower, bro!

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"A bright red tree."?!?!? FORESHADOWNG?!?!

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Was that John Vignocci's gamertag that kept popping up?

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"DAMN GIRL YOUR FACE" got me laughing pretty good.

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@jimbo_n said:

@Jeff riffing on York pointing to his own tieknot is easily, to this day, one of the absolute highlights of this whole ER. "Me, me, I'M a Diner"

So true, both that joke and their conversations on the phone save points are easily some of the defining moments of this ER.

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