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I love me some Deadly Premonition and am looking forward to this :)

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YES !!
 EDIT: NO!! This was closest I've ever got

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Edit; B'aw that was close :D

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You all suck :(

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Haha how are you all so fast?!

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An hour! :D

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1 full hr sweet 

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Oh yeah, just in time for my break

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Holy crap, 1 hour of VJ?

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1 hour dammmmmmmmmmmmm

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One hour on the dot once again. Quality, I say.

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An hour! Holy crap! Team VJ a go-go!!

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ooh 1 hour. and the BR one is 50mins, nice!

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That's a lot of progress for one episode!

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1 hour here and another 50 min. over at BR? The Endurance Run is spoiling us today.

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Oh man, are they finally going to get the radio?

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Wow.. This along with the BR-edition is going to take up the rest of my afternoon..
..which is awesome.

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Oh god just go see George!

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1hr, gonna have to bring my breakfast to my computer

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One hour! Let's go!

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they almost had the radio

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God DAMN it, George! Where the hell are you!

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I'm gonna name my firstborn Zack. 
VJ Zack.

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That really sucks. I wonder why he wasn't there? Maybe he's only there for an hour but I didn't think that the window of time for his mission was that small.
Edit: Oh, maybe it has to be raining.

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1 hour of sweetness, Zach!!!
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Duder, it's one hour!

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It's a TYPEWRITER brand Typewriter! I hear those are the best. 1 whole hour; very nice.

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A 50 minute BR episode and an hour long VJ episode in the same day?

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What! 1 hour ER. Damn, VJ catching up...

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George, GO SEE GEORGE!!!

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George is too busy KILLING EVERYONE to care for his sick abusive mother I suppose.

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Is this the first ever hour-long ER2 episode? Awesome!

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I don't get how you can be so forgetful. I don't even play the game and I figured out that the two main parts of town are connected by January Way a long time ago.

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Duder ! Where is your car ?!

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Kaysen's statment is as follows.
Jeff: "Half life 2 will ship in the fourth quarter of.."
I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought Kaysen looked like Gabe Newell.

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Lol, smoke alarm right above his bed.

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I know the map sucks, but Vinny is pretty bad at remembering where he's located. Maybe it's just easier for me as I'm watching and not playing.  
Keep truckin' guys!

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jesus 1hr, i cant watch this

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lol, pro tip, the compass keeps shifting, you gotta always use the N on the compass, which always shifts different directions because this is a $20 game. Also, you can get to the side missions menu by hitting RB on the map screen.

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Gotta love how the ER's always uploaded just when I sit for breakfast. I used to hate breakfast, now it's tons more fun. 

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Those numbers you see on the side missions list are the chapters that they are available at. You can go revisit a chapter to complete the side missions you missed.

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Im ASTOUNDED by how bad these guys are at directions omg

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ahahaha the peeping into isaiah's room
you can actually look through different windows without loading by pressing the bumpers

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 So close to getting the radio, and yet so far. Still, a full hour and three side quests complete.

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It sucks that they didn't pick up on the 6ft tall lady with the adam's apple and padded chest.  That had to be Thomas.