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That moment around 04:50 is one of the highlights of the whole V&J run for me. It's just so stupid, even on DP standards. Like Jeff remarks, it's a zombie. The same type of enemy you've killed since the beginning of the game and the situation at that moment doesn't have you unarmed or incapacitated in any way, you can just shoot her in the face. Why'd you add that scene? How...why...hnnrghl!

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I can look at all of Wikipedia, right from here

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The Vinny and Jeff endurance run - accept no substitutes!

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Anyone else notice that Harry's man servant guy had the same finger waving animation as the raincoat killer in earlier episodes?

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having watched both endurance runs up to this point, i really wish i had done so before i purchased and played through the game. these ED's really make the excruciating boredom palpable, so i certainly would have avoided buying this despite the cheap sub-$10 i paid for it.

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@Godlyawesomeguy said:

@core1065 said:
" What kind of crappy police forces doesn't check someones house first... "
That's how Greenvale police get the job done. By overlooking the most obvious spots a missing person would be.

Actually George does go there. You can also, and peek in his windows. He won't be there.

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Ok that just explained a lot...  I dont know why but I laughed really hard when Jeff talked about purp

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@core1065 said:
" What kind of crappy police forces doesn't check someones house first... "
That's how Greenvale police get the job done. By overlooking the most obvious spots a missing person would be.
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What kind of crappy police forces doesn't check someones house first...

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Wow. That was a brilliant explanation. It was much better than I expected. This game's story is turning out to be quite superb. Alos, Thomas' whole thing freaked the frick out of me. GEORGE IS SO THE KILLER ITS SO OBVIOUS!

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MAGNUM. Im going freaking insane!!! I wanna see it how it shoots.

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@geirdaniel said:
" Try the Magnum out. Do it. DO IT! "
Yes! Second time I started salivating when they opened the inventory and ended up being disappointed. Although that's totally a thing I do too - buying new toys in games and than forgetting all about them.
This has to be among my favorite episodes yet. I was already sold when York ended that lame-ass AI-meltdown fight with the zombie getting stuck behind the statues with the most inappropriate "Amazing" comment yet. And it just got crazier and better from there - complete with extremely funny comments for all of it.
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I'm eager for episode 32. I hope they find gigantic dog.

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Try the Magnum out. Do it. DO IT!

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@guilherme said:
" Vinny hitting the fence was the best "
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Episode is very strange and chock full of LOLs
So Thomas is a cross-dressing man slave to The Raincoat Killer? ...fantastic

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It's like blue's clues but with zombies

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@Witty_Hatter: Harry said it's only in small doses now, little traces from that first attack. Apparently some people are more resistant to the effect than others. At this point, Agent York thinks whoever the killer is, it's someone who's sensitive to the rain.
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I'm getting so behind because the video is always so slow at night.  Sigh.

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@Adamant_Lungs:  I implore you to read "The Bells" by Edgar Allen Poe please.
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Am I the only one who laughed hysterically when Vinny was gunnin' the car to get to Thomas and then just crashed right into a fence?

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Can't wait until next episode.

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Scuse Harry while he kisses the sky.

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@DeathbyYeti said:
" why did that lamp explode "
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So when did they get this infinite ammo submachine gun that makes the combat even more trivial than it already was??

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"Smoke 'em up, figure it out!" will be the motto for my detective agency some day.

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That was weird. 

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I used a timing strobe light to calibrate a rotor on a generator in a lab for my Power Systems course.

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That's a pretty nifty masturbatorium Harry. Wow, when you think of the past you see film grain; that's what I see when I think of 1994. 
Yup, so it's a military experiment, real original. KILL! KILL! KILL!: That's three words man. 
I admit I laughed when they hit the fence. I must also admit that Thomas makes a cute prag. I woundn't be surprised if he was the next victim, after all, he was in the bondage picture and the portrait. But the Chicken Foot Killer looked rather laid back. Perhaps a comfy sofa and soft music can help repress those homicidal urges. Well, that and transvestism... ZACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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smith is old because he did the thing with the seeds and the killing people i bet

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Jeff: "You ready? Finishing the game right here. Roll credits." 
Not quite Jeffrey. You still have a long way to go.

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Vinny hitting the fence was the best

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"All hell breaks loose." "Purple hell." 
Purple hell
all in this game
Lately things just don't seem the same
Cross dressin's funny
but I don't know why
'xcuse me while they catch this guy
So yeah, can't wait for the next ep.

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Ummmm... I am more confused now. Crazy episode.

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Is it ok to be confused by what Mr. Steward said cause I just don't get it so what, people go crazy because of the rain. Cause if thats the case than why have we not seen George or Emily flip?

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any body notice kasen's plant with stewart's flashback?

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"amazing"  "good shot" "perfect" ARERRRRGGGGHHHH 

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You guys are real gluttons for punishment But im addicted lol 

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Sit on my biscuits.....Vinny's voice on that one is hilarious.

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okay, this game goes through ups and downs of intriguing me then losing me. Now I'm interested again, should be a good week.

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Can't wait to see some Cargmageddon in Greenvale!
Use that Magnum already you guys!

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why did that lamp explode

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where can you get this game? I dont think its at gamestop.

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"I want speed. BRING ME SPEED, York!" was hilarious. As was "Purple Fog A-Clock."
HOLY SHIT that was a fuck-ton of story. Also: "At times we must purge things from this world because they should not exist." O.O
Holy shit again, Zombie time in Greenvale Streetz! That surprised the heck out of me when they appeared out of no-where, glad to see BR isn't the only team to find this out. Can't wait for the thrilling conclusion of running over zombies with cars!

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Oh god I hope they fight the dog tomorrow.

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@Jeff: As you can tell, the headshots "bearly" do shit - is this the evolution of gaming as you see it?
DAMN a lot of shit happened, yet I'm still not sure what exactly was revealed. 
Uh... is Thomas having sex with RCK?

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Best episode yet!