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I loooove them. It's the best thing you can get. Them balls.

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Posted By RVonE

2:50 into the video... so good.

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This is still one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

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wow, this was pretty freaking funny, I'm watching this now for the first time. I watched all the other endurance runs except this one and was wondering what makes a endurance run "let's play" good? I think the right game is pretty important, cause if this game was really serious and didn't have funny lines like "I loooove them balls" it would have been really boring.

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Posted By D_W
@Pop: It the combination of the right game and the right personalities. That's true of any LPs. Especially blind ones like the Endurance Runs. 
Rewatching this series after the release of P4A. It's still brilliant.
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Still the best conclusion to anything ever.

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I think this is the best episode in the whole Endurance run!!!

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I loooove them balls, too.

Wait, that came out wrong.

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Love Jeff's quote, "soccer is for scumbags".

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He looooves them balls.

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"Gonna suplex that Chie!"

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I loooooved this episode!

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