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  1. If your main character dies in a fight, it's all over, so it's best to keep him up at the expense of all others.
  2. The boss comes with minions, so hit the Charming Prince with ice spells.
  3. Yukiko will cast a Wall spell to guard the Charming Prince's weakness, so when that happens just use physical.
  4. She's very big on fire spells, and absorbs fire attacks. Use your Sandman, Ukobach or Orobas to hold off the fire damage, and keep Chie healed, since fire's her weakness. Otherwise, have Chie Guard every turn once the boss is down to about half.
  5. Before you go in, drink all your TaP soda and Dr. Salt NEO to replenish SP. You can't use those in battle, so they exist solely to extend a dungeon run.
  6. You probably should have played at Beginner difficulty, since at beginner you get 10 special resurrection items that raise your party at 100% health/SP in case you get wiped. But it's too late for that now.
  7. Eat your Peach Seeds. They don't do enough to be worth a turn in battle.
  8. Life Stones restore 30% of a character's HP, but Revival Beads bring a character back at 50% health.
  9. Since you can return to the entrance right there, feel free to fuse up a decent persona, preferably one with Ice and Media (full-party heal).
  10. Don't worry too much, the early bosses are the hardest ones in the game.

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Great stuff, just caught up with these vids as of yesterday. I wasn't 100% sure about picking it up, but the sexual innuendos swung it for me. It's finally coming out Friday this week in the UK -- exciting were it not for the forcast of rain in my area all week, ending Friday... *gulp*

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@exfate Oh- the sexual innuendos guessing game has only just begun!

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You guys aren't gonna do so well against Yukiko.

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If you die is the whole game over???? Or do you just start from your last save?

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You shouldn't have overwritten the last save!

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Wild guess? There's something... MMEVIL... Behind that door.

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Awesome video as usual,
and good luck with the fight guys!

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I would be totally happy if you end the endurance run after this boss battle xD

Go back down a level and fight monsters til your run out of SP and hoppefully gain a level or two. Then go home and rest. The next day make a Persona that does an ice attack that attacks all enemies, probably Valkyrie. Go and sell your loot at the armory then get lots of healing items at the other shop. Go back to the castle and warp to the boss floor. You need to level up a bit and then go to the boss floor again and go through the door. Keep attacking the Prince with ice attacks and don't worry about Shadow Yukiko until he's dead. Then keep attacking her with your strongest attacks.

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Alright, you guys totally have an extra day, so it would be a shame to waste it. As long as you have her saved by the END of the 29th you'll be fine. So, instead of fighting the boss now(and probably losing) you're better off leveling up your characters until you don't have any SP left. Don't bother teleporting to the beginning, the monsters will be mad weak an won't give you much Exp. Just backtrack from the boss room and fight everything.

Also, USE SLIME! At least until he learns Red Wall, which nullifies one teammates fire weakness. Then, fuse it with Ukoboch and Izanagi to make Senri, but make sure it inherits the Red Wall skill(you can do this by re-selecting the personas until the fusion inherits the skills you want).

As to Shadow Yukiko, she's pretty straightforward. Just ice the dude she summons, and make sure Chie's protected, 'cause Yukiko love to spam fire.

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Oooooo, get the next part out already dammit D8<

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on March 9, 2009
Does anyone find themselves mentally yelling at the screen?"

I was actually yelling, it was like watching a gameshow when you know the right answer during the fights.

Really guys, think of it like an MMO, don't presume you're above the lower-level enemies if you see them as they still give you EXP when they die. It's best to get an early start.
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NOOOOOO!!!!!  I don't want to wait until tomorrow to see what will happen.  I guess I will just have to wait it out.

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Stick with your guns, dudes. Sure, you could go grind and stuff to make the battles easier or whatever. But I can say it's way more entertaining to watch you guys play your own way. It's exciting to see you recover from the brink of failure as you joke about it the whole time. :D

I mean, I've seen a lot of posts saying "I'm surprised you've made it this far." That's good. Surprises are awesome. I wanna see you guys waste the boss(es) through your own play style. :P

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Yo Fitty! What's behind that door?

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Jeff: "Sounds like she wants to die, maybe we should just leave her"

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Whoa there friendly fire, hammered Yosuke right in the jaw with a golf club, ha ha.

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You guys definitely gotta grind for the day that you have left. Then check out new gear and persona combo possibilities(might be a creation bonus on that day) before going against the boss.  I was in the same spot and died a couple times fighting her before knowing I had to be stronger. Good luck

Also thanks for turning me onto this game.

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Let Jeff play! His instincts are constantly right when it comes to all these things. Also in this game it's a much better idea to heal up between battles and burn through the enemies with all out offense.

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The way I see it, there's only two things you guys can really do now to prepare for the boss.

The first and most important thing: Fuse the persona Senri. The boss only uses physical and fire attacks, so having Senri's complete immunity to fire will come in handy. Like I mentioned in the comments on the last video, you can create a Senri by fusing Izanagi, Ukobach, and Slime. Oh, and you can get rid of a persona by going to the persona's menu and pressing triangle. You're gonna need to do that to make room for summoning a new Slime.

And the second thing: Keep fighting regular enemies until you're out of SP. Your levels are pretty low, and even a single level-up could help immensely against the boss. Getting Chie to level 14 would be especially useful, so she can learn Mabufu (all-target Ice attack). You don't have much SP left, so this shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

Even simply having Senri should make things significantly easier. Good luck!

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The endurance run was never intended to be a walkthrough. They haven't consulted any guides. They're not buying the tap sodas. They're not creating multiple saves. They didn't even reload when they made that huge capsule machine mistake. They aren't thinking very hard about their decisions.

In short, they're goofing around and having fun--can't y'all just lighten up? If they die and it's game over, so be it.

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They want help though. They've asked us for tips, so we're providing them.

And for the record, Jeff did consult a guide once, for the Riddle Master quest.

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Go Vinny, Go!

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I think  you guys need to level up a bit more first. I think this game is easier than P3, but you should still try to have a decent level before taking on the bosses.

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Sounds like they need to grind



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Dude Jeff, you need to take the controller from Vinny when he's running around healing everyone in a circle like that. I just about gave up on this episode.

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Jeff: Please make Vinny stop healing everyone repeatedly.  It doesn't take a Persona expert to know that that won't go anywhere.

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I really think you guys will lose the battle, prove me wrong!

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This is a tough boss and you need to go to town and heal up, get the best armor you can afford, get potions and revival beads,  and keep a persona strong against fire equipped or you are going to die very quickly.

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Persona 3 was a bit more tactical with its bosses- whereas- at least in my experience- Persona 4's early bosses are more about just outlasting the bosses. Heal constantly- attack constantly- win.

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I like the way Jeff thinks, a good offense is the best defense.

Healing all of the time, curing status and anything to do with poison is for suckers! Keep using that Skullcracker guys!

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I beat this boss at level 12 on my first try.  You guys are fine at the level you're at (13 I think).  However, it would do you well to upgrade some armor and weapons.  Your main character should have something better than a golf club by now.

Also, those buff and debuff spells you've been ignoring come in pretty handy, especially against bosses who last more than 1 or 2 rounds.  They're not completely necessary, but it may save you a game over.

Finally, 1 or 2 more fusions will probably help a little.

These videos are entertaining, and I appreciate what you're doing.  I hope a loss against Yukiko won't be enough to make you quit.

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cool vid

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This is getting intense.

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Lovin it! keep up the good work.

...Oh how I wish my PS2 wasn't broken.
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This one was one big *sigh*

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You guys will beat Yukiko if:

- You get rid of Charlie's Golf Club (Do this before going in the TV on the 29th)
- You spend the rest of the 28th leveling until you have no SP. I beat her my first time at level 14, so you're not far behind.
- You go fuse some new Personas. Media is a fantastic spell for where you are right now.

Then go in fully healed on the 29th and beat her.

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Yeah in general this is really the only time you might need to grind in the game.  The game actually discourages grinding because EXP is scaled by relative levels so you'll get next to nothing for beating up weak shadows while you'll gain levels constantly if you just explore each level of each dungeon fully.  Building up SLs is the way to avoid hours of grinding with little to no improvement.  Fusing is the best way to improve your skills and power.

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It would be quite a feat. to beat the boss at current level, that require serious tactics & RPG-math skill though (which can be found in previous comments).

Level-up video is probably less fun to watch, but may deemed necessary... P4 is a typical J-RPG after all.

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Dudes! Do not underestimate the power of attack! Seriously, lots of unnecessary MP usage going on here, and it's driving me nuts, especially when using a magic attack that does 108 damage on a nearly dead enemy. That's a total waste. RPG more!

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DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Acckk  Vinny infuriates me with his cautiousness! Just heal after the battle, you are wasting power when you don't because you will always be taking hits then having to heal those. It's okay if someone dies, just try to beat those dudes as quickly as possible :P.
Good luck on the boss fight!

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Can't wait for tomorrow.

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I wouldn't mind seeing a grinding vid.  Do it if you have to!

Can't wait for tomorrow too.  Kind of sad, but these vids are the highlights of my day.  :O

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The power lies in the silverware!

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Good luck tomorrow guys, I would give you more tips, but it seems everyone already has.

Just as a warning, once charlie dies it's game over.  It doesn't matter if Chie and Yosuke are still alive.  So make sure to keep Charlie's HP high.

I would recommend using multiple saves, this game especially needs a few just in case you are too late you can go back and do it over.
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To quote Shadow:

dodge ice doesn't work when you change personas from the one that has it

And you become weak to whatever weakness your persona has. So when you have Izanagi, you are strong against Electicity and so on for the other Personas.

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Tip: Read all of these comments and all of the comments on part 20!! Its not too late!

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If you guys have to do some grinding, like everyone is suggesting here, you could use that time to talk over your impressions of the game so far to save it being a boring video. Just a thought.

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lol...you guys are gettin f*cked up!!!  I experience the same thing when playing jrpg's without a strategy guide of sorts...lol...good luck!!!