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Wow, this one's up a whole day early, word.

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Where am I?  How did I get here?

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Its not up yet, but I already love Monday

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Wow.. this is up really early.. back in the time machine. :)

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Whoa, what's going on...? Where am I?

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In the year 2000...

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This is the future folks.
Enjoy it while it is the future.

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Cure any diseases in the future?

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*rubs hands together*

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Holy shit you people are relentlessly fast with comments

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Yean! =)

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Yay, I won. Refreshing over.

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PERSONA 41!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!11111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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"ooooohh FU"

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Poor Chie.

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That dungeon should be fun

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It's Monday in Australia so good to see these are now uploaded in Australian time. :)

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now they get to see the Voltron shadow :=)

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You gonna finish P4 this week? FUUUUUUUUUUUCK

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The Persona Gods have blessed us all.

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Stoped playback about 70% in :( :(
will try later
bummer if it doesn't work then

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Yep, totally gonna finish it this week. =P

(Got my money on them going past part 150 if they go to the end, btw.)

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Punk's way, Feng Shui

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Man, This is Old School!! 

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Oh you teasing teasers.

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Yeah, I didn't want to be the one to tell you that the nurse pulls a total Drama Girl halfway through, but here we are.  On the plus side, while you're not...quite at the end of the game yet, you only have to do this multi-day investigation thing one more time.

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LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jeff & Vinnie have no idea how far they are from the ending(s).

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Oh ma gawd here it is.

Can't wait to see you guys' response to the dungeon after next, well, that and the whole setup for it
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E3 is about to begin.
Let us all shatter the visit-record of GiantBomb.Com!

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Just a warning, guys, while this dungeon (and almost all the others, really) isn't as bad as the bathhouse, the boss is notoriously difficult, so make sure you go in with a lot of resurrection items.

It's capable of attacking twice per turn, so it can easily hit you once, hit you again exploiting a weakness, and cast some debilitating effect or whatever. Nasty stuff, so be sure to do a bit of training and go in with as many healing and resurrection items as you can.

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Enthasius said:
Just a warning, guys, while this dungeon (and almost all the others, really) isn't as bad as the bathhouse, the ... [more]
It's bad enough they go into each dungeon with few items, but they really need to stock up on items.  Don't be stingy with the money, you'll get all kinds of stuff in the Void Quest dungeon.

Speaking of the dungeon, if you find the Blessed Hands item, give it to Yukiko right away.
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So when do we make freaky with Chie? Let the dude die and just go get your teenage girlfriend, leave school and work as a permanent janater (while making freaky with the nurse) and start a family goddamit! Its the American Dream! Or something like that is.

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Just FYI don't overwrite Energy Shower (Teddie) with another skill guys, if you do, the next boss will be hard.

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And if you're going to use Teddie make sure you give him some armour. You could also clear out the secret boss in rise's dungeon and gain a few levels and get some decent claws for Teddie.

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The clue sections are my least favourite parts of the game.

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Old lady in black - AWESOME

"Good evening..."


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I'm pretty sure Jeff has read up on the upcoming story and what is ahead of them, which is pretty good. You guys should use Teddie next time in the dungeon! I haven't seen him yet so that would be sweet. I'm almost caught up to you guys now, just gotta rescue Rise and I'll be there in no time. Looking forward to more episodes!

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A Video Game about Video Games? yes!

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Never a frown with golden brown.

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Yeah, finishing stretch. 

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Is this the last dungeon?

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Teddie's your go-to guy for powerful Ice spells, since Chie's mostly physical stuff. As you go on you can also develop him as a secondary healer.

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this game is far from over.
you are almost half way.

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Yea, Jeff was right. Rise levels up with the party and then she'll give you perks with the battle like restoring some SP and HP at the end of each battle and stuff.

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You're setting yourself up for disappointment with the nurse...

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Well, we are half-way to the end of the game..That means that the last episode is going to be ep. 150. YEEEAAAYY!!!