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Pitch perfect parody, guys!

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Biggest surprise Asura's Wrath? you guys must be hunked off your fuckin' junk!

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Jesus. These are amazing. Don't ever change.

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Walter Crunkite

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This is fucking amazing.

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Watching Ryan play XCOM with such reckless abandon is fucking painful. Never change Ryan, never change.

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@CaLe said:

After listening to the podcast, I'm pretty happy about the fact that the first time I ever heard M.I.A - Paper Planes was in Far Cry 3.

Wow. That's actually really fucking impressive. I dont know how you lived in 2008-09 and did not hear that song play anywhere.

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I don't go for dudes, but in a suit...god damn...there's just something about that.

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BRAVO! My god that was amazing.

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Fantastic. Reminded me a lot of the drugs episode of Brass Eye, especially with the CBS logo which looks a lot like the Brass Eye one.

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This video was hilarious.

Get hunked yo!

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I cannot comprehend how Day 3 could possibly top this. This is literally the apex of all the video content on this site. Bravo.

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This video is the best Christmas present I got this year. I could not stop laughing at the 60 minutes parody. See when I first heard 'Bitch Get Hunked' I thought it was a commentary on the state of the game industry by referring to a literal "hunk" of hardware in which you "dunk" cartridges, discs, or skylanders into for the sake of interactive entertainment. Who would've thought it was a dangerous new drug hitting da streets. I know XCOM was my GOTY this year and I'm glad to see Ryan thinks so as well. Great job guys! I feel justified in giving you money on an annual basis.

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Oh my god I think I just came.

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I hope Jeff is letting all these Walking Dead awards go by so it doesn't have to be near the top ten of the final GOTY

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These videos are incredible!

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hunk sounds like it's an evil, cancer-causing menace that induces psychosis and makes people angry

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Oh god, this makes me want another Midnight Brown album.

This is the best shit ever.
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That dunk, is here, to stay, lady.

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What can we do? Anyone.

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Great stuff. Can't wait for the next television parody.

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Great and amazing, but it needed Dramatic Reporting Music.

Jeff's The Rap Man with the Dangeresque glasses... Pretty cool.

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Dramatic pause. 

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I've got a feeling I might as well bookmark this, as I'll need it all week, but, once again, it sums up how I feel about these videos... 

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Ryan and Jeff's acting chops aren't shabby.

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I know all y'all's just havin' fun but Hunking ain't no joke!!!!!!

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holy fuck i think this is the hardest i've laughed at a video on this website

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I'm going to go get HUNKED!

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Not as good as the first one but ok.

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Everything about this was awesome.

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@gbrading: It's a spoof of 60 Minutes which doesn't have music.

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Amazing, skit of the year!

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Again, Amazing!!

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Jeff's the best.

Nothing more to add.

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"I ain't glorifying Nathan." Whose is Nathan? Is he the Scout Leader Dude? Or is he the guy who owns the shoe everyone is hunking out of? (I joke)

Anyway good stuff guys.

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Brad, you really nailed that opening.

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This is so amazing. Incredibly stupid and amazing. I thought day one was good but holy shit, you guys... I love this site. Also Brad looking good and Jeff is a fucking genius as always!

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Im a huge fan of Jeff, Ryan, Patrick, Vinny and Brad already. But this video shows one thing clearly: WE NEED MORE DREW!!!

Plus, seeing Chivalry on his top 10 was pretty cool, too.

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Man, this is even better than yesterday. The whole "Anyone. Scientists? *cut back to Patrick hunked out of his mind*" bit makes me laugh so hard. I have to assume this script was mostly Jeff "The Rap Man" Gerstmann, but mad propers to whomever deserves them.

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OK, this was much much funnier than yesterday "the workplace" though I feel this year's stuff pales in comparison to 2011's game of the year recaps.

Side note: Can't wait for 2013 just so we can stop being hyperbolic about the non-game, Asura's Dogshit Wrath

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This journalism is a SHAM

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Man, they are really banking on there existing a lot more Walking Dead content next year.

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It's stuff like this that makes Giant Bomb one of my favourite websites. Great work guys.

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Hunkadunk: Best new drug of 2012.

I can't wait to see what tomorrows recap is going to be.