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Damn it Alexis!

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"The red one?"


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"You mean the red one?" *END*

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I haven't watched the video yet, but seeing the thumbnail made me laugh already. I totally have one of those somewhere around here.

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way better thumbnail at 08:10

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New Giant Bomb character (alongside Luchadeer and Cool Baby): Boy Bawang!

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That barrel doll is some sort of sick Game Room avatar in the T-position.

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"This sammich is pretty good."

"Dried mangos": Ryan showing good taste.

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I wonder if CBS interjected at the end and said, "Nope, not that close up"

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We have one of those barrel guys! It always made me chuckle and think it was "naughty" when I was a kid, hell it still does.

Cool to see the weird stuff my mum buys, we have a bag of garlic Boy Bawang in the cupboard and I love those dried mangoes!

Great ending, too, Alexis!

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We have a barrel man at our office.

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Haha, when Ryan was reading the note and read out a carved statue of humor, of whatever, the first thing that came to mind was that thing. I bought one for my uncle a couple years ago as a gag gift, though it was much bigger than that one. Priceless.

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Boy Bawang, he bewangs.

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I want a gif of Ryan lifting and lowering that thing

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Something just not right about Ryan flicking that tiny penis with his thumb.

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Fantastic ending job there, Alexis. Love it!

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Amazing lol, I never seen that with arms before.

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dammit, ending is killer

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'Bawang' means garlic in Tagalog.

Which is now ruined for me, because I now think it's an innuendo of some sort.

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Cracker Nuts haha!

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I am liking the sudden infusion of more Alexis.

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There is a lot of penis in this video.

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haha, good times were had!

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Im not sure how I'd feel putting Cracker Nuts into my mouth. Is it made by the same company that makes Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls?

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End of this video is funniest part.

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No Caption Provided

I don't know if these animated gifs will work, but I've got my fingers crossed.

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Possibly the best ending to a mailbag yet.

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I'm not surprised at all that Giant Bomb turned into a porn site.

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Alexis just robbed us of the last bit. Damn you!

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So i figured the 'bawang' word would inevitably receive some type of innuendo laced joke but then the wooden guy sorta covered that and then some.

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Heh, when I saw that wood carving image I automatically knew what that was.

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just gotta post and say best ending for mail bag.

might go to seafood city get some boy bawang

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Fantastic ending!

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DUDERS, no joke, I eat Boy Bawang all the time. If you can suffer the fact that boy _wang is right on the label, they are the tastiest of the corn nuts. Tempted to get up on some Spicy Garlic after that video.

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The ending is actually pretty funny.

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Lol @ the ending.

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Alexis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You had one job.

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DUDERS, no joke, I eat Boy Bawang all the time. If you can suffer the fact that boy _wang is right on the label, they are the tastiest of the corn nuts. Tempted to get up on some Spicy Garlic after that video.

Boy Wang have the tastiest nuts?

This vid and all its comments have now been flagged by the FBI.

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Giant Bomb Mailbag: Philippine Barrel yeah, that doesn't sound terroristic at all.

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premature ending!!

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I live in Thailand, my fiancee is Filipina and I eat Boy Bawang every time she goes there and returns or we wander over to the Philipines store in Bangkok. I hate to tell you guys this, but she pronounces it Boy BA-WONG, it's a soft A. Now, the Philipines has over 80 dialects, so some pparts might pronounce it your way, but the Occidental Mindoro region is Bawong.

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That's Numb Bawang!

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I laughed pretty hard at that ending.

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Yes! The ending was the best.

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Being a Filipino, not sure if i should be proud? It's always been awkward seeing those figures and in the same souvenir shop, there will also be penis keychains cause they are funny somehow. As for those cracker nuts, too bad they didn't send the superior garlic flavor. And now I know how it feels when a foreigner mispronounces a common word of your dialect. Tagalog has no accents so its just ba-wang (short a).

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Twist ending! We didn't get the final ba-wang shot!

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