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Posted By kagato

So...if you already bought it before the update you get the updated version downloaded automatically or do i need to rebuy it?

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Posted By kagato

@RhombusOfTerror said:

I wondered why my steam copy had a 2gb update recently, this is why!

Ah never mind, question has been raised already lol

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Posted By bybeach

Okay, I've avoided and avoided...and it gives me something for the steam sale. Damn, I just occurred while I was typing this, I kind of feel bad about that. But I am getting this game.

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Posted By Mumrik

Doesn't look revamped. Looks like it always did. The trailer is even in 4:3.

I know there's talk that they "fixed" the Meat Circus, but what else did they do (that matters in any way)?

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Posted By Roger_Klotz

I really enjoyed this game back when it came out. Too bad the xbox disc will never work on the 360.

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Posted By PhantomGardener

I don't get this.. what is it? I mean Psychonauts has been on steam for a good while now. Why this sudden trailer of the game?

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Posted By BoneChompski

@Sackmanjones said:

wow brad steal the quest from some innocent soul. Shame on you....

u mad

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Posted By Krystal_Sackful

I've bought this game three times. On release, when it came out on steam, and again as a gift for my sister's birthday. In other words, yo, I like this game a lot. Double Fine is the shit

I bought Costume Quest on steam too. I like it.

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Posted By Boopie

this was never meant for anything but an XBOX this is ridiculous

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Posted By HrMagni

i am still recovering from the meat circus, since i finished the game a couple of years ago, so will give it a miss until they release it on PS3, if or when.

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Posted By HerbieBug

I am on the road crew. This is my stop sign. I am here to work on the road.

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Posted By guanophobic

What's new about this? The Psychonauts has been on Steam for years, is it the Mac-support? Can't see any difference in the textures/models of the trailer. Weird that they just used regular old 4:3 resolution for the trailer aswell if it's upgraded..

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Posted By Enigma777

This game is so dark.... I mean seriously, someone turn up the brightness please! 

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Posted By Jazz_Lafayette

I DO remember Psychonauts, Brad.

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Posted By scottygrayskull

Did they fix the part where the game is just not very fun to play?

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Posted By Pepsiman

@guanophobic: The trailer itself is just using old footage from the Xbox version, but the Steam one was recently updated to accommodate Steam achievements and (apparently) make the Meat Circus a bit easier in addition to the Mac support. Graphically, the game itself is still the same, although in all fairness this trailer is not the thing to consult if you want to see how well the visuals have held up on the PC specifically considering it's, well, not depicting the PC version.

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Posted By BisonHero

Is this trailer fairly dark, with audio out of sync, for everybody else? It certainly is for me.

Also, I think this trailer gives away WAY too much, as far as seeing a ton of late game stages and plot development. But maybe I'm just saying that because I missed pretty much all of the media coverage when the game first came out, so when I finally got around to playing it on Steam, I pretty much went in blind.

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Posted By Tuco

One of my favorite games ever made, and the PC version is beautiful; it (obviously) put in shame both the PS2 and Xbox versions in every way.

For those claiming the game didn't age well: you're dead wrong. Controls are fine, graphics has its own personal [and weird] style, there is full support for widescreen and high resolutions, etc.

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Posted By oasisbeyond

What's revamped? It looks the same. Stop with these so called HD versions. Keep the classics... Classics and make a new sequel already.

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Posted By nh_213

HD remake, please.

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Posted By Eyz

Psychonauts getting a re-release? Nice!

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Posted By HowDire

Still my favourite game of all time.

Maybe this re-release of the original Psychonauts means that Double Fine are gearing up for a sequel? I can only hope so!

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Posted By sanchez8797

Looks like a mind trip

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Posted By RedEyesBlueBunny

now that i watch this, i realize i do not remember the story of this game AT ALL

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Posted By steevl

As others have said, they added Steam Cloud support, Steam achievements, apparently made the Meat Circus a bit easier, and gave the game proper controller support.

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Posted By StarErik

At first I was disappointed that it wasn't featured in widescreen, then I saw the Xbox controls and "copyright 2004" and realized that this was an old trailer.

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Posted By baron_calamity

I will have to replace this sometime in the future. The NEAR future.

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Posted By jonnyboy

Yo Tim! XBLA please if you don't mind. Thanks.

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Posted By MeatSim

I guess I should go play Psychonauts now.

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Posted By lordgodalming

@Pepsiman: They improved the last circus level? Kudos to them. That was the only thing about this game that didn't rock.

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Posted By Humanity

It's weird - I beat the game back in the day and I literally don't recognize anything from that trailer.

The one thing I remember quite well is the Milk level and that wasn't shown.

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Posted By Althox

I've always loved this game and its crazyness.

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Posted By blacklab

Guess I shouldn't have bought this on Xbox live a few months ago.

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Posted By Springfart

I am the milkman, my milk is delicious.

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Posted By ofcbilly77

@Jaded_Racoon: They are almost non-existent on PC. All of them so far haven't lasted more than a second.

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Posted By mrcraggle

I actually played Psychonauts recently for my 24 hour live stream for Extra Life. That game has a shit ton of things to collect.

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