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Posted By Pepeman

Dude..pretty sure that's not a dog. But the game looks awesome!

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Posted By MeldingPlague

Need that game. Looks gorgeous. Love that a native community is getting the chance to shine in a big way!

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Posted By mintyice

But is it better than Brothers?

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Posted By jpeg9

Man look at that little Arctic Fox go.... he's so fluffy looking.

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@pepeman said:

Dude..pretty sure that's not a dog.

"Dog" is one of the 30 Inuit words for "fox."

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Posted By Reisz

It looks so fascinating. This puppy (eh, eh, EHHHHH?) is one of my most anticipated games, indie or otherwise.

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Beautiful! I get the impression that it does have that kind of 2 character control like brothers. Just in this case with you and the fox. If so, it'll be interesting to see how that works in what also looks like a mostly 2D game.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

This looks fantastic.

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Posted By billyok

This game better not break my heart.

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Wow, this looks fantastic. Can't wait to see more of it.

But man, I really, really hope that the dog doesn't die. As much as people seem to hate happy endings nowadays, I feel like a sad ending has reached a point where it's the cliche.

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Posted By Aegon

That ain't no dog.

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Posted By PimblyCharles

This is a game concept I can really get behind. Love the art and aesthetic as well.

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Posted By baka_shinji17

Snakes don't belong in Alaska.

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If some could find and embed a Futurama "Shut Up and Take My Money" image; that'd be great.

Have I just used a double meme? I clearly need help.

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Platforming & set pieces in service of overall theme/mood/setting?

Right on I think.

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Posted By NikzB

Looks great!

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Hmm I like this idea. Gives me a real "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons" vibe.

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I can't wait to play this!

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Native American folklore and culture is just the coolest shit to me. I'll definitely pick this up.

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Posted By WrathOfBanja

That dog is really good at clinging to ledges.

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Cool, another good looking Indie! Having a kid and dog as the leads is a great change of pace.

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Looks neat - reminds me of Limbo, only more uplifting in tone. And the idea of presenting a culture and its storytelling this way has a lot of promise.

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Definitely a fox. Just saying.

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@gutterkisser: Yes, if you translate this into silhouettes it's very much Limbo.

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Brothers meets Northern Exposure. I like!

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This looks really neat. I'm pretty into the artstyle and general mood that it seems to be going for.

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@bbk said:

This game better not break my heart.

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Posted By Mr_Creeper

Cool trailer, but the average-looking platforming has me put off.

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That voice carries some gravity, yo.