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Posted By Gaspatchosoup

This looks cool

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Posted By MikeGosot

The visuals are neat, but the gameplay looks kinda meh.

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Posted By Tsuchikage

This looks really cool, almost like a creepy DisneyWorld ride that's been turned into a platformer game.

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Posted By TehChich

I hope the movement isn't as sluggish as it looks. Everything else is amazing, though.

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Posted By CrystaljDesign

Scissor me timbers!

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Posted By Cyrisaurus

I need scissors! 61!

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Posted By killacam

Um, yes please.

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Posted By vinsanityv22

Radical! Reminds me of a Saturn game - I'm not dissing the visuals (they're fresh and charming imo). I just mean in terms of theme. Maybe it's because the Saturn played host to games like NiGHTS (which has a similar color palette and fantasy creature design) and Clockwork Knight (the same toy/puppet concept), but it seemed like making a platformer about puppets was sort of Sega's thing back during the Saturn era.

Looks great. Hope it plays well.

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Posted By glyn

Crazy Mother Lova Named Peter Molyneux

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Posted By ripelivejam
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Edited By Vegetable_Side_Dish

Two new IPs, and both of them are platformers. There is a god. 
and his name is MoonBearKing

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Posted By JhonnyThizzlam
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Posted By outerabiz

looks fresh and imaginative, im interested.

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Posted By cannonballBAM

I am for games like this and Rain coming to the PSN, imaginative design is always welcome.

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Posted By JasonR86

This looks like it would be frustrating to play because it doesn't look very precise.

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Posted By Nemesis2K

Do want, more than anything i have seen so far in 2012!

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Posted By MachoFantastico

Love that Sony publish these sorts of games on PSN nowadays.

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Posted By Sploder

Seems rad

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Posted By mrmanga

Whatever this ends up being. Im excited. Pretty sure its meant for 3D though, its a bit obvious from the trailer at how so many things fly at the screen.

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Posted By Xymox

Looks like it has potential. Trailer felt very harry potterish though. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but that's what I picked up from it.

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Posted By XenturiK

I think this Is right up my marionette alley

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Posted By MeatSim

I would just give him back his scissors. You could get your own pair for cheap at a office supply store.