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The visuals in this game hurt my head lol. Looks good though

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Posted By BtownDavers

I got to 4:25 of this video before I was convinced to buy it. Looks so good.

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Ooh, uh... this fucking game is a chore to look at. Anything interesting it's doing is 100% offset by the decision to make it BLINDING WHITE everywhere. Whoever this guy is, apparently he's blind, because this is NOT what you're supposed to do with a visual style. Be minimalist, fine; just don't use so much fucking WHITE. Shit.

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@jdh5153 said:

Graphics look like crap....Would maybe give it a chance if it were $0.99.

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Posted By jdh5153

Graphics look like crap....Would maybe give it a chance if it were $0.99.

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Just picked this up in a steam sale. The play through makes me a little weary of starting.

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@Branthog said:

@rulerofeden said:

@Branthog: It's on sale right now.

Heh. I meant more like when it is on sale for $5. That's a discount point at which I can accept torturing myself.

However, @swoxx apparently saw my post, because he sent me a copy of the game shortly after. I've only had a chance to play for just under an hour so far, but it's . . . beautiful and . . . god damn difficult. After about ten or fifteen minutes, you've had enough "whoa, holy shit that's a thing that can happen?!" to know to always be looking out for things . . . but then you're stuck trying to find the right things so you aren't going in circles for fifteen minutes.

It's really a ridiculously clever (and frustrating) game. It hurts my brain even more to imagine how you would design it.

worth more than $5 then

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Posted By TranceQuina

I don't know how much longer I can handle all this not having a decent PC to play everything interesting that has come out in the last 4 years or so.

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Posted By Axiomatic

I watched for 4 minutes and went and purchased the game.

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Posted By Lind_L_Taylor

Fucking art-fart game.

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@Branthog: It's on sale right now.

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This game looks neat, but it's not very much fun to watch.

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@BRINKTheMovieMyFavoriteMovie said:

So I this game coming to Mac or not? I can't find a concrete answer anywhere.

Because there isn't an answer. It hasn't been announced I don't think but there isn't any reason why it wouldn't eventually come to mac.

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Posted By chilibean_3

So glad I played this for a while before watching this.

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This game reminds me of some acid trips I've had. Very psychedelic.

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Posted By BRINKTheMovieMyFavoriteMovie

So I this game coming to Mac or not? I can't find a concrete answer anywhere.

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Bought this game thanks.

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Posted By Mr_Skeleton

Finished most of the puzzles in this game, it is amazing.

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I had to go a full two pages in before some Patrick bashing...... that's a first. I just don't get peoples point

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@JZ said:

It's called game scripting guys, you know this stuff.


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Haha fortune cookie messages on walls.

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Posted By MrCaptain

Both this and the Proteus quicklooks has references to being high, wierd.

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Posted By ValiantGoat

Players got nowhere while high, sounds like a challenge!

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Really gonna have to pick up this game when I can. Looks amazing.

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It's just portals. But it's fucking inventive and creative and impressive. Art style is second to none

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Posted By TheManWithNoPlan

I watched ten minutes then proceeded to buy it. Or did I watch ten minutes because I already bought it and completed it? Really just depends on your perception. Or does it?

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Posted By MeatSim

I was starting to feel sort of dizzy just from watching this.

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This game looks great, a worthy winner of the unreal engine competition, the idea is very original and while i have my theories i am also completely stumped on how these guys are doing this, its like magic and thats exactly why i began enjoying videogames in the first place.

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Posted By Lazyaza

I can't play a game like this I would literally go mad with frustration.

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I watched about 4 minutes of this and turned it off, because I knew I had to get it.

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Man, this looks visually similar to a game I was working on in UE... Though the gameplay is completely different.

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Seven more hours until I get to play!

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@Vague_Optimism said:

Is it even possible to watch a Quick Look of a puzzle game and not spend the whole video clenching up internally and saying "Wait! Go look at the thing!" to yourself?

i did it just fine.

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Posted By SleepyDoughnut

I think I need to lie down.

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Posted By Vague_Optimism

Is it even possible to watch a Quick Look of a puzzle game and not spend the whole video clenching up internally and saying "Wait! Go look at the thing!" to yourself?

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Seems like parts or the level are loaded in based on where you are in the level. Just like most any other game. I don't understand why Ryan and Patrick are so perplexed.

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My brain hurts after watching this.

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Posted By Andorski

Aaaaannnnndddddd.... added to Steam Wishlist.

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It's kind of annoying the way Patrick always has to over analyze everything in games like this. This QL needs more Vinny!

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Another game where I find it far more entertaining watching other people play it than play it myself.

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This game looks amazing, and I love the Quick Look. But I can't help but feel like I'm ruining it for myself.

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So the game probably uses a portal system, just like the old Doom games and Portal.


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Ok, you cannot watch this video while also doing something else. It makes no goddamn sense.

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also some strong echochrome vibes as well.

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@vonFlampanker: fuck yes. best book ever (well not really but yes, best book ever)

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Why on earth is this making my brain feel weird?