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This looks awesome.

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"Commander Video. I used to work here..."

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lol at Vinny's angry gibberish at 5:14/

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Ryan: "It's only eight bucks"  
... 8 bucks - to make you feel bad, hate yourself, hate the game, hate the game devs, smash your controller or your tv (in which case it's more than 8$). 
Reminds me, why I didn't like playing video games during the 8-bit era. But I stil like to watch. :)
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Like all the of the Bit.Trip. games I've found that it's so much fun at first but quickly turns into an angry FUCK AHHHH FUCK THIS SHIT FUUUCK! experience with its difficulty. However, I am happy to see there is no fail state- it's a progressive move for Gaijin Games and their design philosophy. 

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Loving the Anamanaguchi. This looks awesome, too. Might be my first Wiiware purchase in a while!

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This game is very difficult.

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love that rainbow trail

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Man, that part in level 2 really reminded me of the Incredible Crisis quick look

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Haha, this looks pretty awesome, but it just makes me wish I could be playing Klungo Sssavesss teh World.      
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This looks great.

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No no Agnes, VideoCommander is a runner, you have to pick a stalker.

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I wish Brad would have been here to play level 2.

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@DiGiTaL_SiN: LOL that was an actual game? wtf
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yay RV combo

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Is that Anamanaguchi for reals? Haven't heard them in a while.

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Lad, asshat. 
Thanks for that Ryan.

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lol, jump!

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Reminds me of a flash game called Marvin Spectrum that I got addicted to. Up to jump, down to slide, forward to 'dive', and ASDF turn you into 4 different colours. You automatically run forward and have to pass through several gates with the appropriate action and colour.

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"Chris Nathan Taylor" 
"You piece of shit." 
Love it.

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Bit Trip Slider! That's where you do alternate dimensions and play bonus rounds on games like Bioshock and Super Metroid.
Crazy looking game. The simplicity makes messing up all the more frustrating. Personally, I don't think I can handle it.

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They seem to be having some trouble with this game, though. Seems to require a good bit of ENDURANCE in order to RUN through Bit.Trip RUNNER, huh?
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Did Vinny say "Wank off"?

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Love Dr. Ryan and Dr. Vinny quicklooks.

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Hey, this game gets way more crazy awesome.  I highly recommend buying this game.  And come on, it's only 8 bucks!

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Vinny, you are the funniest mothereffer on the west coast.

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"F Me Running!" LOOOOOOL!

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@DiGiTaL_SiN said:

" Trippy, 
For some reason I'm reminded of Pepsi-Man.


................wow. Pepsi-Man!!! Do I get to fight the evil Coke-Man?
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This quicklook is awesome and the game looks awesome too.

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Ryan's Inferno 2.0

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lol...  "Sliiiiiidee!!"

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love the bit games :)

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The best Quick Look ever!

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lol... that was funny...

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Fuck me running!

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This actually looks really good. Fantastic Quick Look!

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I hope they start making XBLA and PSN games for their next series. These games look so cool, but its not something I'm going to buy a system for.

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oh btw, there isn't a fixed jumped.  You can hold 2 for a longer jump or just kinda tap it for a quick shorter one.

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Well, Ryan, you fuck up, and no one gives you shit.
You picking up what I'm putting down?

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"I'm putting in my initials, dawg "
- Enters "CNT" -

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Glad to see they did a QL for this one. Also glad to see they got stuck at the first "step jump" parts like I did. Eventually you learn the rhythm and can get through those easily. Stage 1-11 was when I had to shut the game off and take a break.
Also, you end up doing 2 more things besides jumping and sliding.

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This is pretty hardcore. I would totally play that and then totally throw things.

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Maybe you can try to not hit the second speed boost, and then you won't be going so fast that you can't jump.

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This looks like another great Bit series game, the music also helps sell it to.

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I love Ryan - Vinny quick looks. Or Ryan - Vinny anything for that matter.