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The graphics in this look like my rose-colored glasses version of N64 games from when I was a teenager

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I used to live near High Voltage software HQ.

Edit: Btw Jon St. John does the voice of the main character.
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Apologists everywhere.

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you guys itsthe deadzone of the cursor that's throwing you off!

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@Depth: I don't know what corrupted Wii-remote you tried, but it does also works very well,
I have hard time going back to aiming with the control stick.
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No joke.  Its not a great game, sure, but not worth playing at all?  I don't come to this site to listen to 
incessant  complaining.
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@SpudBug: theres been a few 360 games that have locked up on them and ended the QL
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just watch the ending on youtube a conduit 3 must be made
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This made me queasy. 

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The ending of this game is amazing.

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Seems like the better option is to just play through Half Life 2 again.

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The Wii controller option in this game is like all 31 flavors of shit. 

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Holy shit someone must tell Ryan to watch the ending. His opinion will totally change.

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The MP5KA4 is a real gun, as is the SPAS 12 (aka the Franchi SPAS-12). The K is for Kurz ('short', as in it has no stock) and the A4 denotes that it has a 3 round burst function.


Terrible game, utterly utterly terrible.
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"Gonna put you in an orange jumpsuit and send you down to Rikers!"
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God, the reload depth of field is stupid. Reloading is the least important thing to focus on, and yet they fill up the entire screen with the crappy looking gun model and blur out all the important shit that is going on right in front of you. So dumb.

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I give this game props for letting you map every button.

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Ryan... you literally found the control option to turn off the thing that was bothering you


I mean this game looks pretty lame and I get the idea that too many options makes using these controls a total chore, but at least they let you adjust them while in-game, unlike GoldenEye where you had to back out of several goddamn menus to check and see if what you did even DID anything.

Still, though. Goldeneye was a better game than this.

And you'd really think that they'd set the default controls to remove the weird swimmyness instead of making the player do it. I wish I could have done that in Goldeneye.

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is it really the fault of the game that he maxed out the controls, and didn't get it to where it would be comfortable with him.  does it really make a game even worse if it freezes, because if that is the case, every other game i play on the 360 freezes.

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If only Ryan knew about time Lincoln... this would be his GOTY.

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Man, this quicklook is so utterly full of fail.

And goddamnit, Kevin Sorbo was Prometheus in the first game. Mark Sheppard played Ford in the first game.
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I can sum this game up in three words;

Poor man's Crysis
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I'm struggling to accept Patrick as a member of the Giant Bomb crew. Does anyone else out there suffer from this problem? Has anybody found a solution?

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Got to wonder what sort of playtesters they have for games like this, when the default controls are utter shit.

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Wilhelm Scream at 20:22

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@Gizmo said:
" I can sum this game up in three words;

Poor man's Crysis
I can sum the game up better with just one word: shit.
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The HD button doesn't wo... Oh right, this is the Wii.

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I don't feel like Ryan even gave this game a remote chance.

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@SpudBug said:
" Is this the first quick look that's ended with a hard lock crash? "
No, it's happened a few times. They've also restarted once or twice, I think.
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Isn't there aim down the sights in this game?

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can someone tell me why this is stilla Wii exclusive, port it over to PSMove and Kinect
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@Brodehouse said:
" I don't feel like Ryan even gave this game a remote chance. "
Why should Ryan waste his time on shit like the Conduit II?
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In the back! Ryan Davis Don't Fuck Around. So cold.

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@patrickklepeck I live about twenty minutes or so from Hoffman Estates. Greater Chicagoland area represent!

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They complained about headshots being random and not having a way to zoom in, yet the FIRST tutorial was "Push down on the D-Pad to aim down sights"

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I actually really enjoyed the first game.  The single player campaign was garbage both in story telling and level design, but I had a lot of fun with the multiplayer. Until it was hacked and 90% of games were populated with invincible white supremists, that is.

I will also grant that the overabundance of control options can be difficult to manage at first. But if you stick with it and find the control scheme that is right for you (which for me was similar to the metroid prime trilogy controls), it was honestly some of the best first person controls I have ever had in video games. In my opinion it was better than any twin sticks set up, but not quite as good as mouse and keboard.  Like Patrick suggested the Z targeting option (which was in the metroid prime series) really smoothes out most of the rough edges.

Sadly, I understand that no one is going to buy this game, and that Nintendo's online infrastrucure will only protect against hackers for like a month..... but I do look forward to the day when point and shoot controls go up against twin sticks on an even playing field. Because I really believe that point and shoot controls, if properly calibrated give a player much more precision than twin sticks can (even though we as gamers are use to and more comfortable with twin sticks control.... after all we were more comfortable with the D pad until someone showed us that anolog sticks allowed for more precision to the player how took the time to develop the micro muscle control). Maybe the next COD w/ move controls will bring this about.... because I would love to see the best twin sticks players play against the best Move players (assuming the Move control options were well designed).
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@BLipp18: I agree... but you can replicate the metriod prime controls in the Conduit (including the Z targeting).
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Computer says "No".

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The reason why shooters are not fun to play on the Wii is because the cursor moves freely on the screen and that is not what a cursor is meant to do in an FPS. If a developer ever makes a shooter where the screen moves with the cursor remaining in the centre then it might be good.

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How many pc shooters do you move your sight to the side of the screen to move the camera..zero?

So why not make a very small movement box and then change sensivity to your liking and viola its magic and it works like a pc mouse. Not very hard to figure out, i did in 2 minutes in counduit 1 and it played just fine..
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@Brodehouse said:
" I don't feel like Ryan even gave this game a remote chance. "
You mean a Wiimote chance...

@JohnPaulVann said:
" @Brodehouse said:
" I don't feel like Ryan even gave this game a remote chance. "
Why should Ryan waste his time on shit like the Conduit II? "

Because that is his job.
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i always love the quick looks of bad games the most

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Some great dialogue in this.

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@Brodehouse: Oh you clever dog, you.
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So, erm, let me get this straight
The first thing you did was max out the dead zone

and you're wondering why the controls were terrible?
I like Wii controls for FPSes. Not love, like. There aren't many good FPS games on the system (period, can not be argued) and the control scheme has caveats (I'm not going to act like it's the end all, because it's not, not quite), but it works fairly well for shooters, as long as you're not completely braindead (I wanted to use some stronger words, but I'd rather not get banned from my first post) when you're customizing the controls.

But you were, Ryan. Oh, you definitely were. What bothers me is the drove of fools acting as though this video is representative of every potential experience someone could have with an FPS controlled with a motion sensitive controller.

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@GrandMilato: Totally agree, im not going to say this is a good game, i havnt played , i did however play the first game, so yes u r right dead zone!!!! Ryan, what are you doing???

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If RYAN  you wanted better controls?? shrink the dead zone!!!!

I love this sight and you guys, but this is the worst quick look you have done. You fucked it from the start by making the dead zone bigger, when if u wanted accuracyyou wanted it smaller!!