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I feel spoiled now that I get to hear music, announcers, and commentary. It really sucks that when you stream from PS4 all of that is taken out. And I think we need a match between O'Dwyer and Gertsmann.

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Virtual Jeff is best Jeff.

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UFC = Dark Souls: Confirmed

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@cdub901 said:

@cooljammer00 said:

Wasn't this supposed to go up hours ago? You've gotta fix your Upcoming Videos list. This isn't the first time in recent memory it's been plain wrong.

6 AM Pacific and 9 AM Eastern....this is how it's always been and they're right on time

idk what it said on your end, but mine said 9 AM Eastern

Yup, seems right to me, too, here in Europe.

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i want virtual jeff to leave

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@tothenines: Honestly I think MMA is just way too complex to competently simulate in a video game. If you think of everything that is used in MMA: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Judo, Grappling, Jiu jitsu, Sambo, etc, etc, etc., I don't see how you can simulate all that.

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While the game looks good, a lot of the hits look like they're not even connecting.

It also seems to take way too many clean hits to finish someone outside of the flash KOs. You don't normally see people take that many clean hits to the face and be okay in actual fights.

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Oh man, the size of that head.

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Haha that Gerstmann fighter is awesome, laughed my ass off.

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I expect some amazing Jeff gifs and jpgs from this QL

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The videos of the real fights make me physically ill.

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i dont really have any interest in this game but i kinda want to buy it just to make a custom nick cage character

probably not worth $60 but it would still be funny

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So it's Gang Beasts with worse animations, less players, and less fun gameplay.

Well done, EA, that's probably the best you could hope for.

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Hey Jeff, that last part of the video where he was on your back, you want to try and turn over so he's on your chest, then hold R2 until the ref gets you up. I've lost a few matches because I couldn't get out of either position and I wasn't blocking the punches. I'm not sure you can get into a better position by transitioning once they've got you there. Your best bet is to hold R2 (guard) until it lets you get into a better position, or the ref stands you both back up. Hope you've not given up on the game quite just yet, there is a way to counter every move, it's just getting it down.

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Despite the big head, Jeff looks pretty incredible...nearly as good as the real fighters. Impressive!

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Is it fair to let Martian Manhunter compete in UFC? Seems like those matches might be a little one-sided.

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I think that Gameface thing would actually be a neat little feature to implement in something like a Dragon Age game, especially if it could then translate your face unto another race like a Qunari.

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@echozs said:

I think we need a match between O'Dwyer and Gertsmann.

Well if that isn't a segment of the next UPF I don't know what is. We need virtual Gerstmann vs. virtual O'Dwyer.

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@castiel said:

@echozs said:

I think we need a match between O'Dwyer and Gertsmann.

Well if that isn't a segment of the next UPF I don't know what is. We need virtual Gerstmann vs. virtual O'Dwyer.

Next Gen Salty Bet in the making... You can have AI on AI fights in this, right?

EDIT: Wait... I'm more so thinking of that VGCW rather than Salty Bet. Point is, imagine having all these giant-head versions of real life people duking it out in this thing!

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Virtual Jeff "I knocked that motherfucker out" Gerstmann is freaking me out

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Jeff Gerstmann, basically a toad.

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"Do they wear cups? Looks like it"

*awkward silence*

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Is the best looking game ever made? Also that face import technology blew my mind!

Is this game from the future!?

I think the problem with the face import in the video is that the character is super lean, while Jeff is slightly large. I'd like to see a UFC fighter import his face and see how good it looks.

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Really disappointing to see a career mode that is just like Fight Night Round 3 was 7ish years ago.

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Virtual Jeff will haunt my dreams for the next week or so...

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Shit this looks not bad just hollow.

Was more surprised/scared you guys went into spot on Mike Golberg impressions.

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It's cool that you can theoretically dump all of your upgrade points into one super powerful leg.

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Hahahaha Jeff...you look pretty spot on with the facial recognition thing! It was kinda weird seeing you fight =)

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The only fighter in the UFC that matters, Ronda "Mean Face" Rousey

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I like the breast physics... I'll show myself out.

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Weekly competitive online matches with the Gertsmann. I demand this.

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Jeff should take that last online fight to the athletic commission to get it overturned after all those illegal blows to the back of his head.

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that is a NIGHTMARE

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Drew happened to watch the most boring card that has been put on in recent history. Here is the lady-fighters eye cut he was talking about.

I'm guessing he was referring to the Demetrius Johnson headline fight up in Vancouver B.C? That card was super boring cause the entire main card went to the judges.

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I'm crying laughing right now! WOW GAMEFACE AMAZZZZZING!!!

I like the new UFC on PS4 and got it day 1, Jeff does a good job explaining it but would get killed on harder difficulties or online.

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I cannot watch this without laughing at Jeff's fighter. So good!

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Interface designers need to fucking stop making menues that look like they would fit on a fucking touch-device. It's in pretty much every modern, big-publisher game and it looks like garbage. Then again touch interface has pretty much ruined every single menu screen in existence everywhere.

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I do not think this game is very good, but Virtual Jeff is always fantastic.

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Jeff is the wrong weight class for the size of his head. It's so goofy.

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omg! Creepy virtual Jeff is creepier than ever. :D

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Drew happened to watch the most boring card that has been put on in recent history. Here is the lady-fighters eye cut he was talking about.

All of this, Drew was unlucky in what he caught a glimpse of. 174 of just fucking awful in general. Also the Girls fight was awful so whatever (surprised he didn't like the fight before it, won Fight of the Night if I am remembering correctly)

On topic, Digital Jeff creeps me the fuck out.

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Virtual Jeff scares me D:

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It's kind of a shame that Thursday Night Throwdown is long dead and buried because I think this would make for a good one. I remember that EA MMA one they did was excellent.

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Oh man, Jeff's character is freaking me out. The head to body ratio is... this is amazing.

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I was expecting more of this

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ARMA3 has delayed camera rendering.

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Massive noggin!

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6:30 in and no punches flying yet... Jeebus these sports games take their sweet time.