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Right on schedule!

GBEAST represent!!

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Oh man, I love birthdays!

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Hey, a.m. Quick Looks! My favorite!

EDIT: Oh my... The visuals just gave me some Wilford Brimley-level dia-beet-us.

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Worst burfday ever....

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That @rorie screengrab. Would love to see more quick looks with him if he has the time to do them.

Those false starts are amazing though. You're still the best, @vinny.

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the restarts are the best!

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Best opening for quick look. Keep it up Vindog.

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Right in the heart!

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Great Quick Look

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Holy crap that intro was perfect!!! GBEAST are really killing it this week..

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Why would they do that?....Monsters

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Oh god... those restarts. No one Vinny should have all that power.

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I love the madness that is Giant Bomb East.

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Not a huge fan of the style of puzzles but the writing does make me smile so if I'm bored I might check this out sometime.

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Is it me or does Vinny seem so much more crazy since going back East? Not that I don't approve.

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Monsters ate my Quick Look :|

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Heh. Nice timing.

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That yellow bat, you guys. Thing is freaking adorable. I can barely handle these kinds of Kirby-like games because they fly in the face of my general negativity. Grr...

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I first thought the video player was screwed up again and I was like FFFFUUUUU--- but then I saw what Vinny did there. Nice job! :)

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Never heard of cake for breakfast @alex? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuamlBQ2aW4

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For whatever reason Vinnys sense of humor tickles me to no end. Love his work.

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Finally the sequel to Alpha Protocol we've all been waiting for.

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Awesome video to watch on my BIRTHDAY! That's right duders. Shower me with stuff.

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60 seconds.. thats all it took Vinny to make me crack a huge grin..

Damn he's getting good

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This is pure QL gold right here. Keep it up GBEAST!

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Oh God, this intro marks the beginning of the GBEAST insanity. I'm in!

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Hey! Morning time birthday cake is the only cake I will eat! It's great! When else are you getting your cake and presents if not in the morning in your bed?

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Man I missed having Vinny on QLs so much. This and Bot Colony are easily highlights of this month so far.

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Not being able to poop is no laughing matter. It's a life or death situation full of pain.

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What the hell is wrong with having birthday cake for breakfast? Only time to eat it as far as I'm concerned.

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It was my birthday 2 days ago and i didnt get a cake. Is this game about me?

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Oh, the intro.

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I just bought this. Not even embarrassed about it. If one existed, I'd totally buy a stuffed animal of that yellow bat that shrieks when you squeeze it, too.

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Man Vinny is killing it this week. GB East need to step up their game to compete with this madness

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Vinny post Bot Colony will never be the same.

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Between this and the Bot Colony stream, I would honestly rather the GBeast office just stay on fire.

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So apparently an artist said the people who made this game plagiarized his artwork.

Also, Vinny's video/podcast editing is probably the best.

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If this is the bar for Vinny and Alex content on the site from here on in, I am stoked for the future of GBEAST.

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Happy Birthday Alex!

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Now, any video that doesn't end with Vinny throwing his headphone and walking off without saying a word seems lacking to me...

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Looks neat, but I could see it getting frustrating making one wrong move after a long puzzle. Hopefull there is a save system.